Bluewater Chlorine Granules 5kg – Swimming Pool & Spa

Genuine Bluewater Pool & Spa Chemicals
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Genuine Bluewater Pools – Our Stabilised Chlorine Granules are manufactured with 55% available Chlorine and are completely soluble in water. Used for the chlorination of swimming pools and spas they kill bacteria enabling a safe bathing environment. They contain Cyanuric Acid and are automatically stabilised to prevent the destruction of chlorine by sunlight. These Chlorine Granules are a white granular solid 10-30mesh. It has a pH close to neutral (7) so that it will have little effect on the ph of the pool water. Product Application: Test your pool/spa water to establish what the existing chemical level is in your water. To maintain the chlorine level in private pools at a rate of between 2 to 3mg/litre (ppm), add 84g per 45.5m3 per day (3oz per 10,000 gallons). For spas add at a rate of 4.2gm/2.27m3 (500gls). Maintain a level of 3mg/l (ppm). Pre-dissolve the granules and add to the pool/spa choosing a period when the pool is not in use, ideally the evening is considered the best time. Re-adjust the pH to between 7.2-7.6 for optimal bather comfort. Never mix pool chemicals together and always test the water with a reliable tester before use.

Genuine Bluewater Pool & Spa Chemicals
Highest Quality

Specification: Bluewater Chlorine Granules 5kg – Swimming Pool & Spa


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