6 Summer Top Trends That Pair Well With Jeans, Skirts, and Shorts

What bubbles to the top of your mind when you think of summer trends? So often, this time of year is associated with specific trend categories—e.g., sandals, swimwear, and dresses. And while there’s nothing wrong with wanting to know what the coolest shoes for the summer are, in a rush to focus on those more seasonal trends, we often forget that there are other fundamental wardrobe items worth our attention (ahem, tops). Don’t get me wrong; I love an outrageous trend just as much as the next girl. But I also know that the key to building a solid wardrobe, saving money, and being more sustainably-minded lies in investing in pieces you’ll wear daily.  If you clicked on this story, you have also realized that no trend is worth adopting unless you can style it with the staples already in your closet. And that’s even more true when thinking about top trends for the summer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a cute top for the summer, only to realize it’s challenging to style, can’t be worn to work, or will likely be out of style by next summer—it’s not a great experience. So to prevent it from happening again (for myself and others), I’ve done hours of research to identify the six best summer top trends. Based on scouring the spring/summer 2023 runways and our favorite retailers, I’ve narrowed it down to a solid list of shirts that bridge the gap between being both functional and timeless and trend-forward. So without further ado, here are which top trends are worth adding to your summer wardrobe…

I know what you’re thinking… “girl, tank tops are a staple, not a trend.”And in some ways, you a right, dear reader. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t include them in this roundup, especially considering how they fit into the larger narrative of what matters right now. Across S/S 23 collections and even F/W 23 collections, we’ve seen designers hone in on creating wearable pieces that embody the idea of ready-to-wear, including tank tops.  And while this style is considered a wardrobe basic, the iterations spotted in collections were anything but that. Just look at Bottega Veneta’s spring show, in which tanks were layered underneath each other to add visual interest. While at Ferragamo’s fall show, a dramatic low-cut scoop neck tank was styled with matching trousers and bold accessories. The widespread prevalence of this top (on and off the runway) proves that the best pieces are the ones you can wear. 

Sublime, indeed. 

Try layering another tank underneath this one to make it feel Bottega Veneta-inspired. 

Chocolate brown can make even the most basic tank feel decadent. 

Allow us to introduce the perfect breezy tank for the summertime. 

Please take a moment to zoom in and look at the design details on this tank. 

Love the neckline. 

The higher neckline on this tank is ideal if you want a little more coverage. 

Call it a symptom of rewatching Sex and The City way too many times, but there’s no more quintessential summer piece than a ’90s-inspired tube top for me. It’s a sentiment that I thought was only a cause of my fandom, but I’m not alone in those feelings. After scanning multiple  S/S 23 runway collections, I can tell you that we saw ’90s-inspired necklines evident in everything from dresses to shirts. However, the most prevalent iteration of the trend came in the form of tube tops. What’s more, the iterations of this trend felt like an homage to ’90s minimalism, as they were often styled with other basics. St. Agni, for example, styled a sleet gray tube top paired with a white slip skirt. At the same time, a simple black tube top was tucked into relaxed navy trousers at Tibi. Though minimal compared to the idea of flashier trends, the versions of this top proved that some things really do never go out of style. 

Simple yet stunning. 

I’m a sucker for an olive-green top, but you can also shop this in black and white. 

I can attest to this being one of the most comfortable tops you can add to your closet. 

Silk and satin tube tops were spotted all over the S/S 23 runways. 

You can shop this in twelve other colorways. 

The asymmetrical hemline makes it feel so elevated. 

Perfect for the transition from summer to fall. 

Yes, I’m fully aware that button-down shirts are another year-round staple, like tanks. But that doesn’t negate that they were everywhere on the S/S 23 runways. Frankly, it should come as no surprise that the poplin top was prevalent, considering that so many collections focused on wearability this season. Still, how we saw this staple revitalized demonstrated the button-down’s staying power. Simply look to Stella McCartney’s spring show, where an oversized button-down was adorned with a little crochet patch and styled with jeans and strappy sandals. Or how an oversized button-down was worn as a dress and styled with mesh flats at Courrèges. Whoever said button-downs couldn’t be trendy, clearly never looked through images from S/S 23 collections. 

Opt for an even larger size if you want it to feel intentionally flowy. 

You can wear this well after the summer has ended. 

You’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud in this airy number. 

Nordstrom never fails us. 

Helsa’s pieces make for a great long-term investment. 

Yes, you can wear this to the office. 

A seafoam green button-up shirt for the summer? Here for it. 

Ah, peplum tops… remember those? As surprising as it may sound, this formerly “dated” top silhouette has not only popped back into relevancy, but it will likely stay around for the rest of 2023. But before you decide to pass on this trend, you may want to shop around. Unlike the previous versions of this trend, which often felt a bit juvenile, designers focused on refined tailoring to give this style a grown upgrade. For example, in Tory Burch’s S/S 23 show, pencil skirts and sheer slips were styled with high-neck tunics that tapered in at the waist while flaring out to create a subtle peplum silhouette. While in Brandon Maxwell’s F/W 23 show, a strapless tube top with an exaggerated peplum, was styled with denim culottes. From more classic versions of this style, to more subtle takes there are plenty of iterations of this top that can grow on you (if you let them). 

Everything about this Tory Burch top is divine—from the ultra-fine pinstripes to the subtle peplum silhouttes. 

Don’t be like me and spend every day contemplating buying this top; just do it. 

Leave it to J.Crew to make peplums posh again. 

Obsessed. No notes. 

The crinkled texture on this top makes it look designer. 

The pairing of the strapless bodice with the slight peplum hemline on this top is sublime. 

Can guarantee this will sell out fast. 

One can’t argue that suiting isn’t limited to any season; it’s timeless. However, there are ways one can make any suiting separate feel more seasonal—you just need to look to the S/S 23 runways for guidance. More specifically, you can note how waistcoats continued to be a prevalent part of collections. While vests have been popular for a while, designers have made them feel fresh again through subtle design details and styling choices. For example, the classic white suit vest was given a contemporary feel with asymmetrical buttons at The Garment’s show. At the same time, Coperni styled cargo pants with an equally trendy printed pinstripe waistcoat. And the updates don’t stop there; we’ve seen other brands use trending colors, different necklines, and seasonal fabrics to make this timeless suiting separate feel more timely than ever. 

There are so many ways you can style this waistcoat—e.g., with matching trousers, or denim shorts, or with a slip skirt, layered over a dress, and the list goes on. 

You can wear this well into the fall. 

Cool girls wear cobalt blue. 

The scoop neckline on this vest feels particularly fresh. 

Yellow-hued clothing is very on-brand for summertime. 

Imagine wearing this on vacation. 

Saint Art’s suiting separates are a personal favorite. 

Is it even summertime if you’re unwilling to get a little skimpy with your sartorial choices? Jokes aside, for those dedicated to the cause of having a “hot girl summer,” there’s one trend you simply can’t skip: semi-sheer tops. While recent seasons have chugged out numerous risqué trends, none feel as approachable as the sheer tops spotted in the S/S 23 runway collections. The appeal of this trend is not in its innate sultriness (though that helps) but rather its ability to create visual intrigue without bearing it all. That intricate balance is achieved by styling tops made from opaque materials (e.g., mesh, knits, tulle, and organza) in surprising ways. For example, you can see how a vibrant tangerine sheer blouse was styled with fitted trousers at LaQuan Smith’s S/S 23 show. At the same time, gauzy knits were a stark contrast to colorful contrasting maxi skirts at Tory Burch. Each iteration of this trend on the runway proved that creative styling could make any top shine. 

Mango popped off. 

Love this pale pink hue. 

Will be recreating this styling ASAP. 

So elegant. 

Pro tip: use sheer shirts to add visual intrigue to your summer resembles. For example, you can style this tank over a bikini or under an oversized blazer. 

Currently losing it over this semi-opaque Tibi shirt. 

Now, here’s a sheer top that’s as hot as a summer day. 

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