I’m Into Expensive Stuff, But My Wallet Isn’t—30 Mango Items That Look Pricey

If there is one thing about me, it’s that I love expensive stuff. I mean who doesn’t, but I really love expensive stuff. I’m talking about everything under the sun. Do you want to talk about fine jewelry? I’m there. Do you want to discuss five-star hotels? I’m your girl. Want to gab about luxury designer bags? You have my number. While I am a lover of all things luxurious and pricey, my wallet is not. I’ll admit it—my budget and my taste level aren’t exactly in perfect harmony (for now), but luckily for me, I know exactly where to turn when I need to look rich without actually being rich. Mango has been killing the game lately when it comes to items that look way more expensive than they are, so I took to its site for a much-needed deep dive. On my journey into the deepest corners of Mango’s website, I found so many great things, from dresses that I cannot wait to style for a dinner to bags that could pass for The Row and Paco Rabanne to denim priced around $50 that looks more like $200.

Keep scrolling to see the expensive-looking Mango pieces that are so good I almost didn’t want to share. 

The look Nitsan is wearing above. 

I love the fringe on the hem of this skirt.

A classic strappy sandal, these totally give me designer vibes. 

I’m dying to wear this one out to dinner this summer with simple sandals. 

How glam are these pumps? 

We are all aware that floral motifs are having a major moment right now. This top looks like it costs way more than $70.

This bag has major The Row vibes. Very quiet luxury. 

This white dress is so simple yet stunning. The cut at the bust is so dreamy. 

I’ll be carrying this bag around with me all summer. 

A little black dress that is perfect for a party. 

Move over, skinny jeans. 

Wow, this lace dress is stunning. 

Talk about a statement dress. 

This bag looks way pricer than $70.

This set is so stunning and screams summer. 

This set looks designer, period. 

I need this dress for my next party. I’m obsessed. 

Holy chic. 

Denim midi skirts are having a major moment right now.

I love the pleats on this dress. 

These are so sleek and minimal. I can see fashion people loving these. 

Not your average flip flop. 

Good platform shoes are a must-have, especially now that it’s warming up. 

The “old money” sweater we all need in our closets. 

Obsessed with this cardigan-and-tank duo.

Style with the matching cardigan.

These jeans look like they’re over $200. 

The ultimate summer basket bag. 

The color on this… stunning. 

This top is so fun. I would style it with denim and heels for a night out with my friends. 

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