The Rise of the Weird-Girl Aesthetic: Here’s What It Is and How to Get the Look

If you were to look into my mind to see what’s in there, more than likely, the thing to pop up first would be a pair of Heaven by Marc Jacobs Kiki Boots. They’d be the ones minimalists would scoff at—with in-your-face illustrations of skeletons, demons, and perhaps a speckle of glitter or two. Portia from The White Lotus would definitely have them in her closet. Yes, you know the ones.

The Love Park Kiki Boots—or one of the countless other offerings from the New York designer’s Gen Z–focused fashion line—aren’t made with everyone in mind. They’re certainly not for the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsens of the world or the people with Khaite taste on Zara budgets. Like most things force-fed to us by the TikTok algorithm, these boots are for the cool, weird women with eclectic outfits and a penchant for knit balaclavas—a Depop-ified external virtue signal that they’re not like the rest of the fashion crowd. They eat deep-dish pizza and partake in color and own leather handbags adorned with fried eggs or chocolate chip cookies.

The limited-edition boots, which dropped in early 2022, are going for a cool $1800 on eBay right now. I would be lying if I said I haven’t thought once or twice about throwing my cash out the metaphorical window and adding them to my cart. Maybe it’s an outward sign of embracing the wacky world of nontraditional dressing or a sick, twisted coping mechanism for healing my inner child, but the rise of weird-girl style has all but warped my mind into mush, and for good reason. It’s fun. 

Former editor and content creator Michelle Li.

Printed tights are a weird-girl staple.

This bag just sparks joy.

An affordable entryway into weird-girl style.

Moon Boots are Aliyahcore approved.

Kristen Bateman’s whimsical accessory line is high up on my buy list.

This Staud skirt is just speaking to me.

These sporty sunglasses come in pastel yellow, which goes with everything.

For your embroidery, may I suggest something from the @IronicBoatandTote Instagram page?

Weird-girl style isn’t just for straight-size people.

Does this come in other colors? Asking for a friend. And by a friend, I mean me.

Hailey Bieber wore parachute pants, so I had to wear parachute pants.

This dress is a formal take on weird-girl style without losing the whimsical elements of the aesthetic.

A weird girl always gets cold, so naturally, she needs a shrug.

This is so TikTok coded.

I’ve definitely seen this on my FYP before.

Nearly everything from this anime collaboration is pinned on my manifestation Pinterest board.

I can count the number of people who have stepped out of the house in designer underwear and somehow looked fabulous.

Slay. Literally.

Absolutely adorable.

Haven’t you heard? Maxi skirts are so in RN.

I can’t say no to ballet flats, especially pastel-yellow ones at that.

If you’re trying to make a statement, look no further.

If you’re looking to rent weird-girl clothing instead of buying it outright, Nuuly has a ton of sustainable options I’m absolutely loving.

Dying to get my hands on a Guest in Residence cashmere piece.

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