Halle Berry Swears These 6 Beauty Products Will Change Your Life in 2023

It’s three days into the New Year, and 2023 has already given us a major beauty-related gift in the form of Halle Berry‘s absolute favorite beauty products. Yesterday, Berry took to Instagram to share a video explaining all of her favorite things that she thinks everyone should have in 2023. 

Berry explains that she decided to share her favorite things just because she wants to—full stop. No brand partnership or #ads in sight. While some of the products on Berry’s list aren’t beauty related, most of them are, which means that those of us that love beauty are in luck. Keep reading for Berry’s must-haves for 2023. 

“If you don’t know about the Knesko masks—face mask, neck mask, lip mask—get into it,” says Berry. “These are the best facial masks I have found.” 

“Also for your face, Olga Lorencin,” says Berry. “You need this. It’s called Heal the Need Recovery Face Serum. You’re going to need this for your face in 2023—trust me. You put this on, you wake up, you’ve got a new face. It happens to me every morning.”

“This is my favorite makeup,” says Berry. “The texture of this is so yummy. Put this on, you can do your blush, your contouring, your highlight. It comes in three colors.”

“For your hair, Virtue,” says Berry. “Get this recovery mask. We’ve got to care about our hair. My favorite, favorite hair conditioner right now.”

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