Move Over, Coastal Grandma—This Winter Is All About Gorpcore Dressing

Another day, another trending aesthetic that reminds me, yet again, that I need to get off the grid.

Meet gorpcore: the outdoorsy joie de vivre that’s taken over among camping enthusiasts and techwear fanatics alike. The fashion crowd—which may not equate cross-country backpacking with the pinnacle of style—would be surprised to learn that some of gorpcore’s essential items are already well within their closets. Parachute pants, athletic sneakers, and fleece jackets are all reminiscent of the granola life TikTok has desperately been pining over for the last few months. 

First adopted in the menswear space and named in The Cut, gorpcore is defined as a sleeker, elevated take on hiking clothing. “The outfit isn’t designer, but it is fashion, in the way that any aesthetic executed with intentionality—ever insistent and dissonant—can become “a look,'” Jason Chen wrote. Simply put, gorpcore is the love child of ready-to-wear runway brands and sports retailers like REI and Dick’s. 

For a young post-pandemic generation of fashion enthusiasts seeking the next big thing in a highly digitized world, frankly, it makes perfect sense. Who wouldn’t want to look like a cool, crunchy Pacific Northwest native on their way to a weekend workout? Sign me up. 

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