PSA: We’re Gifting These 16 Hair Products (and Keeping Some for Ourselves)

When it comes to haircare, my efforts straddle the line between low-maintenance and lazy. I pretty much have two signature styles on rotation and remain loyal to many of the same brands that my mom used when I was a kid. While I may be a certified beauty minimalist, I’m a beauty editor after all, and product recommendations seem to magically appear in my DMs on the daily. (And let’s be honest: I can’t help but test them out.) Every once in a while, a brand will test my loyalty, and this season, Olaplex is doing just that.

Beloved by celebs, beauty editors, and basically all of social media, Olaplex is the original bond builder, well-known for its unique number system, which works wonders on damaged hair. Using scientifically proven bond-building technology (which Olaplex created, by the way), these formulas work on a molecular level to make a real difference where other products have failed, restoring elasticity and protecting tresses against further breakage. This patented technology, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate (“Bis-Amino” for short), relinks disulfide bonds, which are the most important for hair strength and health. The No. 7 Bonding Oil and the No. 3 Hair Perfector have been must-haves for many of my friends for a long time, but honestly, all of Olaplex’s products deserve some time to shine, so I thought it’d be helpful to share some honest reviews from the WWW team. I caught up with four colleagues who, regardless of their different hair textures, are all huge Olaplex fans, and you’re going to want to hear what they have to say. Keep scrolling to see which products they love (plus the exclusive haircare gift sets they’re treating their loved ones to this holiday season).

“I’ve been using Olaplex products for years, and they never disappoint. The No. 3 Hair Perfector literally saved my hair after I’d been heat-styling my 3c curls for so long. The brand’s Style & Strengthen Hair Set is also a total must-have for anyone else who heat-styles, and I’ll be giving it as a gift to at least three people on my list. It includes a velvety styling cream (No. 6 Bond Smoother), bonding oil (No. 7 Bonding Oil), and nourishing hair serum (No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum), which helps prevent split ends and offers 48 hours of environmental protection. I don’t flat-iron my curls as much anymore, but Olaplex offers some of the few products on the market that work well for me whether I heat-style or just want to leave my hair natural!”

“I’ve been bleaching my hair for eight years, and dare I say it’s the healthiest it’s ever been, even since before I started color-treating it in college. (Back then, my straightener was my best friend, so you can imagine that even my unbleached hair was damage city.) I can’t help but attribute my hair health to Olaplex’s No. 4p Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo, which keeps me completely brass-free even when I wait far too long in between dye jobs, and the No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner. Even my Dyson Airwrap doesn’t keep my hair from getting a little frizzy. For that, I need the No. 7 Bonding Oil. But these are far from the only Olaplex products I use and advocate for. For the holidays, I’m giving all my non-blonde friends and family members the Smooth & Healthy Hair Set (No. 3 Hair Perfector and No. 6 Bond Smoother), which tames frizz like magic and has a truly endless fandom on social media.”

“I just dyed my hair for the first time, and although I do a great job at hiding it, there’s quite a bit of visible damage. I’ve been using the Olaplex Hair Repair Treatment Kit once a week ever since my treatment and have already noticed some great improvements. I also take note of the TikTok trends and haven’t stopped hearing about the ‘Olaplex bun’ for the past few months. The term came from the fact that everyone is using Olaplex’s iconic No. 3 Hair Perfector to slick back their hair into a sleek bun, so naturally, I’m doing the same. Anytime I become obsessed with a haircare brand that does wonders for me, I immediately have to share it with a friend who I think will love it as much as I do. I can guarantee that I’ll be gifting this kit by the end of the year.”

“My hair has been a huge part of my identity for basically my entire life. I’ve always worn it either very long or done super-dramatic chops! Regardless of the length, I make it a priority to ensure my hair stays as healthy as possible at all times. The tough part of keeping it healthy is styling—I absolutely love a good hairstyle, especially during the holidays. Whether I’m wearing my hair super straight with sparkly hair pins, extremely curly and bouncy in a high pony, or in a super slicked-back bun, the key issues are heat-styling and tugging at my hair. That’s where this holy-grail Olaplex set comes in to save the day. It includes both the silicone-free No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum, which protects my hair from heat and pollution, and the No. 6 Bond Smoother, which prevents frizz (something that my sometimes straight, sometimes wavy hair deals with often). And with the help of the No. 7 Bonding Oil, my hair looks good all day. I can do the latest and greatest hairstyles with peace of mind knowing that this Olaplex set has my back.”

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