I Never Go to Bed Without Doing These 5 Things for My Long Hair

After having a lob for quite some time, I can definitely say I’m happy to have my long hair back. Although I liked having a shorter style, my hair is also thick, curly, and didn’t necessarily want to sit right at times. Needless to say, I was happy to grow it out a bit, but now I find myself with a familiar problem—finding things to do with it while I sleep. I use a few different handy things that I’ll talk more about below, but I decided to call in the experts for a bit of advice because I’m sure I’m not the only one who could use the help. If you have long hair and want to make sure you’re keeping it as healthy and manageable as you possible can, keep scrolling. Hair stylists Sophie Gutterman and Clayton Hawkins are sharing all the tips.

Hawkins stresses that you should never go to bed with your hair soaking wet. “And never go to bed without detangling first,” he shares. This is especially important if you have thicker hair since it can become extra tangled at night. It can help to lightly blow dry your hair before bed and go over it with a widetooth comb

When you have long hair, it’s best to sleep with it in a braid or some sort of ponytail,” says Gutterman. “The hair can get tangled if left out and can take more time to style in the morning. Avoiding having it all out will not only protect the hair but also protect your skin from breakouts from different products.”

I can personally vouch for this. It definitely helped breakouts for me when I started changing my pillowcases every few days and sleeping with my hair out of my face. Keep hair out of your face with a scrunchie, elastic ties, or even a claw clip at night.

Those with curls should pay close attention. If nothing else, Gutterman says you should at least do this one thing. “I love using a silk bonnet when my hair is curly, and when it’s straight, I like to do a flat wrap to avoid messing up the style. Also, putting the hair into two braids on each side can save the hair from frizz and give you a cute wave for the next day!” 

I also wear a satin cap at night to keep my curls from getting too tangled or frizzy and it’s been a game-changer for me. I wake up with strands that are more hydrated and smooth, plus they stay that way longer throughout the day.

I know doing a hair mask overnight might sound messy, but there are a few great lightweight options and leave-in conditioners that can lock in hydration without getting all over your pillow. “My favorite mask is the Divine Treatment Mask from All About Curls,” says Gutterman. “On towel-dried hair, add the mask from the mid-lengths to ends and put the hair in a high bun to avoid getting product on the face.”

You can also put on a leave-in or mask and cover your hair with an extra bonnet if you’re worried about it getting on your face or sheets.

Like Gutterman, Hawkins also suggests sleeping in braids to style your hair without heat overnight. “My clients are obsessed with heatless styles these days. I recommend [that] my long-haired girls sleep with at least two braids at night to get frizz-free, perfectly undone waves in the morning. Try applying a little bit of SexyHair’s Love Oil to slightly damp hair before you braid for optimal results.” 

Alternatively, you can try wearing heatless curlers overnight to wake up with fresh waves that rival a blowout at the salon.

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