I Just Designed My Own Collection at Nordstrom, These 10 Pieces Are My Favorite

Jourdan Sloane is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she a major player when it comes to social media content with over 580,000 followers on Instagram and over 200,000 followers on TikTok, she’s also signed with Ford models and just recently designed a collection of chic and stylish pieces for fall and winter with clothing brand WAYF sold at Nordstrom. Sloane is an expert when it comes to all things beauty and fashion, which is how she’s amassed so many loyal followers who come to her when they need new skin care products, outfit inspiration, tutorials on how to get the best look for a night out, and sharing where she shopped to get her stellar wardrobe.

I met Sloane this New York Fashion Week at an event and she was just as sweet and bubbly as she comes across in her TikToks, we talked about all things fashion, living in NYC in your early 20’s, relationship experiences, and our favorite makeup tricks. Once her collab with WAYF dropped she sent me some pieces to try for myself and while I’m a little biased since I do love Jourdan, the clothes were so good. I was really impressed by the quality of the collection, the Bridget Tie Back Sweater paired with the Bridget Sweater Skirt is my absolute favorite. I had to talk to Sloane about her new collection, and luckily for us she was more than happy to talk about her new collection, her creative process, as well as trends she’s loving for fall.

 Keep scrolling to see our conversation as well as shop the entire collection.

What has been the most fun part of creating your collection with WAYF? 

Sloane: The whole process has been a dream and the WAYF team has been so wonderful to work with. This was the first design collaboration that i’ve done where i’ve had complete creative control over the design process, inspiration, since day one. The most fun part was coming up with the concept and the initial inspiration for the collection. I love deep diving into inspiration, creating mood boards and of course seeing how Nordstrom could translate that. 

What would you say is the inspiration behind your collection? 

Sloane: The inspiration behind the collection was definitely a modern working woman. A woman that is the creative director of her life. She is a boss, classy, intelligent, stylish, powerful. I wanted the collection to embody that while being something you can wear everyday. 

Have you always wanted to design your own clothing? Why was WAYF the perfect parted company for you? 

Sloane: Yes, I’ve always wanted to design my own collection. I went to college for fashion design so I have a love and passion for design and product development. I love that I got to partner with Wayf for this as they are such an amazing team of hardworking women that truly wanted to bring my vision to life.

What pieces from the collection are you most excited about? 

Sloane: I love every piece for different occasions, whether it’s an oversized sweater or a power suit. If I could pick one look, it would be the NITS black power suit with feathers on the trim. It’s the perfect versatile piece for any season. You could pair with a simple white tank and sneakers, or heels for a night out. I also love the Rodeo set, which is a leather matching pant and tank set- it’s such a staple.

Who did you have in mind when creating your collection? 

Sloane: A grown up Cher, from Clueless

What trends or chic items are you most excited about for fall? 

Sloane: I’m excited for layering! I love the versatility of layering unexpected pieces with classic fall staples. I love anything oversized, feathers, chunky knits, and clean trousers. 

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