We’re Beauty Directors—These 17 Mega-Famous Products Changed Us

I take my beauty products very seriously, so when something gets internet famous, my knee-jerk reaction is to be suspicious. Listen, that’s just how I am after working in this industry for more than a decade. I’ve been tricked by before-and-afters, sucked in by buzzy marketing lingo, and have let my guard down one too many times. But part of the fun of working in this space is being proven wrong. In fact, Erin Jahns and I live for it—nothing is more exhilarating than realizing a viral product is actually deserving of its fame. And we’ll be the first to come out and say that these 17 special finds have not only earned the spotlight but we can’t live without them now. From makeup and skincare to fragrance and tools, these mega-famous beauty products have changed us. Watch (and shop!) our livestream to get all the juicy details, or keep scrolling for a peek at what makes each of these items so special to us.

“The pink Rolls Royce of ice rollers.” — Jahns 

“The size and angle of the balls grips your face in a way that actually feels like it’s lifting and sculpting your face.” — Schlisserman 

“This is probably the most famous fragrance on TikTok. If you want to smell good, according to everyone, you need this.” — Jahns

“The blush that converted me into a blush person.” — Schlisserman 

“I get so many compliments on my skin—not my foundation—when I’m wearing this, which is what you want.” — Jahns

“The star ingredient is viniferine, which a lot of people aren’t familiar with. It’s like 60% more effective at brightening your complexion than vitamin C. It needs vitamin C’s publicist.” — Schlisserman 

“I’m a maniac about finding the right mascara and this is one of my favorite makeup products of all time.” — Jahns 

“This has become a staple in my makeup bag. It’s so emollient, feels amazing on your lips, and has the most subtle cooling sensation.” — Schlisserman 

“The first time I tried this, it was like someone waved a wand over my face and fixed everything.” — Jahns 

“This is great for acne, calming redness, and can be used in place of your toner or as needed throughout the day. Some people like coffee at 3 p.m. I like spritzing my face.” — Schlisserman

“I’m obsessed with this perfume. It’s creamy, musky, and floral. It’s designed to smell like a more elevated yourself.” — Jahns

“This is one of the most used makeup products on the set of season 2 Euphoria. It feels more like skincare than makeup.” — Schlisserman 

“This is kind of a miracle product. It’s as if someone just put a filter on your face and got rid of all the redness.” — Jahns

“This has sold out more times than I can count. It’s my go-to everyday mascara. It’s affordable, stays put, and adds serious length to lashes.” — Schlisserman

“This adds length, volume, and drama. It’s outrageously expensive, but just look at it. It’s a mini work of art that you can keep out on your vanity and just enjoy being in its presence.” — Schlisserman 

“This has been around for 50 years and is having a huge revival on TikTok right now. It looks almost black in the tube and is designed to look good on every skin tone.” — Jahns

“Everyone needs a Tatcha product in their life, and this one encapsulates all of Tatcha’s magic in one product.” — Jahns

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