42 Things You Have to See From Nordstrom, Amazon, and Shopbop Right Now

Whether you’ve already started thinking about fall shopping or have barely scratched the surface of everything there is to see for the next season, today is the day you can finish the task—if you want to, of course. As I do every month, I’m rounding up all the must-see items from three of our favorite shopping sites, and let me tell you, they really delivered this time.

From dresses and jackets to sandals and sneakers to sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters, there’s so much to see on Nordstrom, Amazon, and Shopbop at the moment that I actually had trouble narrowing down my favorites to just 42 items. Nonetheless, I did, so to shop my range of picks from each site, no matter what you’re looking for, just keep scrolling.

What’s the opposite of basic?

I think I need a pair of these.

Our whole team is loving these.

I’ll take anything in this color.

An outfit isn’t complete without accessories.

I mean…

This collab just keeps getting better.

Love a luxe cardigan.

This is my new favorite Levi’s cut.


A fun little top is always a good idea.

Can you tell I’m half-thinking about fall and half about last-minute summer travel destinations?

I’ve always wanted a pair of these. Maybe now is the time.

A must-have staple.

Everything about this top is just right.

I guess I found the perfect trousers.

Let’s hear it for this striking color choice.

Just throw it on and go.

Can you tell I’m into loose jeans right now?

Everything is better in corduroy.

Nordstrom does it again.

This dress, though…

Everyone’s love for these comfy clogs has me convinced that I need them.

Cropped blazers don’t get enough hype.


A little height always helps.

How perfect is this print?

My blazer collection always has room for more.

How cozy does this seem?

The matching joggers are a must.

If it’s good enough for Anne Hathaway…

Basic but not boring.

It’s just too cute to pass up.

Still shopping for gifts?

This color stopped me in my tracks.

I don’t know why I’m into this accessory trend. Nonetheless, I am.

Love a good layering piece.

I have these Reebok sneakers and cannot stop wearing them.

A “Why not?” piece.

You’ll want to wear this every day.

Succession vibes.

I’ve never met a slipper I didn’t like.

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