Hailey Bieber Convinced Me to Buy These 9 Things, and I Regret Nothing

While I don’t consider myself someone to be easily influenced by celebrities, Hailey Bieber falls as an exception. I’ve watched her Vogue Beauty Secrets video more than thrice and always find myself adding her latest street-style looks to my Pinterest boards. From her glazed-donut skin to the risky new trends she’s always first to sport, Bieber is constantly inspiring us in both beauty and fashion. Her influence is strong—so much so that she’s actually gotten me to make a few purchases.

While her skincare line may be sold out for now (I’m on the waiting list for the lip balm), that doesn’t mean you can’t shop her other picks. Ahead, see the buys I’ve made and why they’re worth the hype. If that’s not enough for you, I even relayed some fashion items that she’s already worn and some I think she’d be into. Think big blazers, relaxed basics, and fun summer accessories. Keep scrolling to shop.

When Bieber used this in her makeup routine, I was amazed at how the product brightened her under-eye. I tried it out immediately and have to say—I’m thoroughly impressed. The concealer also functions as an eye cream, so it covers and brightens together. After going through dozens of concealers that left my under-eyes dehydrated and flaky, I wish I could give Bieber a personal thank you for introducing me to this one (and Kosas for creating it).

There’s one step I refuse to skin in my skincare routine, and that’s Vitamin C. Not only is this Bieber-approved, but it’s improved my dark spots and acne scarring significantly.

While Steve Madden has been around for years, I was always too intimidated to give their platforms a go. Were they comfortable? Did they actually look good IRL? These were the questions I asked until I saw Hailey Bieber wearing a pair at her own skincare launch party. While the pair above is the style Bieber chose, I went for the boot option and they give the confidence boost I didn’t know I needed.

If there’s one specific trend Bieber pulls off the best, it’s baggy jeans. I always thought my petite frame was too small to pull it off, but Bieber ended up inspiring me enough to try a pair out for myself. My skinny and straight jeans are still staying in my closet, but my loose pairs have been getting more love recently.

Hailey Bieber in an oversize leather jacket lived in my mind rent-free for a long time. So much so that when I saw this jacket in Nordstrom, I had to try it on. I ended up sizing up to get that effortless edgy look Bieber has, and it’s all I’ll be wearing come fall.

I used to be a hoarder of cheap sunglasses because I thought I couldn’t repeat a pair too many times. But if Hailey Bieber wears the same classic black pair daily, why was I so afraid to rewear? So, I finally decided that a pair of investment sunglasses was worth it and I’ve been wearing these Linda Farrow sunglasses nonstop. Even when I’m wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans, wearing these pull it all together. 

I always saw Uggs as my errand boots (aka the ones no one was supposed to see). But when Bieber made a pair of zip-up Uggs sell out completely last year, I thought why do I care if people see these? They’re comfy and that’s all that matters. I can’t wait for fall so I can wear these nonstop. 

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