32 Epic Things I’ve Bought That Are Temporarily on Sale for Amazon Prime Day

While I admittedly don’t love seeing that things I’ve bought at full price are now on sale, I’m putting that aside for the purpose of your Amazon shopping cart during Prime Day. We’ve covered lots of fashion and beauty items that are on sale this July 12 and 13, but I’m here to talk about those very random yet useful items that you won’t know how you ever lived without. I can say this from experience as they’re from my very own order history.

I place at least one Amazon order every single week, so I’ve really racked up the orders in the years since I became a Prime member (worth every penny). I searched through my extensive order history and found these 32 useful finds to temporarily be on sale. Scroll to shop finds for your closet, kitchen, bathroom, fitness routine, and more. Just be sure to do it before Wednesday ends to take advantage of the epic discounts.

I really don’t know what I did before I discovered these drops. I use them every single day.

There are many different types of matcha on Amazon, but this is the one I buy on repeat.

PSA: Clean your phone.

Once you smell this, you won’t want to use anything else.

Such a good deal on this wildly popular (and delicious) cereal.

This stuff will honestly transform your brows.

If you need new wine glasses, I highly recommend these.

Chances are that summer has done a number on your feet. Here’s your remedy.

Now would be a good time to replenish your COVID test collection.

These are sustainable and they’ll save you money in the long run.

The number of uses you’ll find for these is infinite. 

Who knows if you when you’ll find this cult lip mask at such a good price again.

Stock up.

If you see me out walking my dog this summer, I will have this with me.

This transformed my weak, peeling nails.

These look chic on your desk and will keep your beverage warm for a surprisingly long time.

I’ll never use anything else as a makeup remover.

I keep hearing that this is amazing and quite natural, so I just ordered it.

I bought this stylish air purifier for $250 just a few weeks ago, so yeah, I’d say this is a good deal.

I ordered a few sets of these recently and my makeup collection is finally organized.

Nothing else compares to the effectiveness of Baby Foot.

I wear these sunglasses constantly, and am fully convinced they look good on everyone.

I always find sunglasses cases to be too bulky in my bags, so I ordered these as a solution.

Since ordering this in 2020, I spend far less time at the nail salon.

I love that these effective blemish stickers are practically invisible.

Is anyone else on an adult coloring-book kick right now?

Here’s that tripod you’ve been meaning to buy.

I use these handy trays in my bathroom drawers and cabinets.

Getting my sleeves wet when I wash my face is my pet peeve, so of course I bought these.

This will make your doggie smell amazing.

Thanks to these, I’ve gotten into the habit of taking zinc.

Laundry hampers this stylish are usually far more expensive.

Next up, the most epic fashion finds from Amazon Prime Day.

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