18 Items I’m Freaking Obsessed With (And Have Tried) From Amazon Prime Day

I’ve got the order history to prove it.

I’m going to be honest: Amazon Prime Day kind of stresses me out. I have a Prime membership, so in theory, I should be taking advantage of all the deals! Deals! Deals! But trying to navigate it all feels overwhelming. To help with all that, we’ve got top-notch curation from our editors: Check out our Market Director’s best fashion picks, the best deeply discounted home decor finds, and all the good on-sale beauty (I honestly think the beauty is the best part). To do my part, I figured I’d take a scroll through the past two years of my order history and share items I’ve vetted, loved, and would absolutely order again. Scroll down to check out my picks, and though I haven’t tried them yet, because I just impulse bought them, these $6 set of fine point markers are bringing me joy. Imagine all the pretty notes and letters you could send!

Can I just say this laundry detergent has changed my life? The scent is magnificent. Truly heavenly. Whenever I go into my bathroom, I bury my face in my towels just to get a whiff. That said, they also have unscented. It’s also clean and has chic packaging. I also did the math comparing the cost per load to a bottle of Tide, which was 24 cents a load, and this bottle of on-sale Dirty Labs works out to 21 cents a load. So you’re basically getting a super premium laundry experience for less than your mass-market brand. I’m sorry, where’s the lie?! 

I remember the first time beauty expert Faith Xue—now the Executive Beauty Director at Bustle—showed us her Peripera lip tint. We all immediately purchased it, and it’s been a staple in my lip product wardrobe ever since. The Korean beauty company is truly lightyears aheads in the innovation department, and it shows in this product: the sensation of putting it on is oddly refreshing and utterly weightless. It also comes in a million colors. At this price, why not experiment with a few? 

If you’re like me, your sock drawer is a mish-mash of embarrassing novelty socks and lone socks without a mate. I finally overhauled my collection, bought a bunch of these, and couldn’t be happier. The height is perfect and it achieves that Clean Girl/Hot Girl walk look that’s everywhere on TikTok. Not to mention that the feeling of opening up your sock drawer and feeling like you love everything in there cannot be underrated!

I bought this iPhone case because Wirecutter deemed it the best basic phone case, and well, they were right. The grippy sides make it easy to hold on to, and my phone has not had any cracks, despite my regular abuse of it. It’s not a flashy personality phone case, but that’s why I like it.

We still have a lot of summer left, and it’s not too late to whip your feet into shape. If you’re not familiar, Baby Foot is a peel that will make your feet molt like a snake. It’s utterly painless, kind of gross to see so much skin fall off your feet, and ultimately so effective. Goodbye, calluses, rough bits, and cracked heels! It takes a couple of days for your feet to start peeling after the treatment. The secret that the instructions don’t tell you is to soak your feet in water for about 20 minutes each day to enhance the molting process. I like to pop on a movie and do this peel while my feet sit in the booties. Why not have a foot-peel movie party with your friends?

This sunscreen is the G.O.A.T. Period. I could go into all the estheticians, celebrities, and influencers that rave about it, but we’d be here for a long time. It goes on easy and sheer, and wears well under makeup. All great reasons to stock up when it’s on sale. 

My beloved tripod! I’ve had this thing for years, and it has helped me take many a solo pic, like this one I took on my balcony in Dubai. It folds up small, so you can pack it into a carry-on, and comes with a little Bluetooth clicker button to take the pic. My little secret for looking like I always travel with a personal photographer is out! 

Recently I was looking for a stick-on bra that would give me a little more lift than simple nipple covers and landed on this brand. These inserts have a little padding at the bottom that lifts up your chest and adds a little extra to your bust. They checked every box I was looking for, though according to the reviews if you’re large-chested or looking to swim in them, these may not be the bra inserts for you.

Holy shit, Olaplex is life. Never have I ever tried a set of hair products that have made such a significant impact on my hair. When I use this trio of products, my hair is transformed to bouncy, shiny, commercial hair. Also, our senior beauty editor, Erin Jahns, who has bleach blonde hair shared, “Everyone says I should have half the amount of hair on my head that I do because of how often I bleach, but I swear it’s because of the Olaplex.”

Yes, you need the conditioner too! 

And if you skip the shampoo and conditioner, this is the one product to buy. I think having all three amplifies the effect, but you put this in before styling, so it stays in your hair, unlike the shampoo and conditioner. This hairstylist on TikTok says Olaplex No. 0 and Olaplex No. 3 have the highest concentration of the active ingredient. 

CosRx are the gold standard when it comes to pimple patches. I love that they come in different sizes, and I’ve found they truly do help reducing the duration of a pimple’s stay on your face. Plus, they don’t leave a dry ring of skin like other patches.

I come from a family of tongue scrapers, and this brand is my go-to. I simply scrape my tongue in the morning after I brush my teeth as an extra step to make sure my mouth is fresh. It takes two seconds and gives me a bit more confidence that my breath is fresh.

I don’t know why, but it brings me a lot of joy to have a small, cute saucepan that is perfect for melting butter. Maybe because it looks like it came from a Scandinavian design store. I’ve used this high-quality one for years to dress my popcorn in butter and nutritional yeast.

I may be fired for including a dog wig in a story on Who What Wear, but I said I was going to share my Amazon orders, and the receipts don’t lie! What is there to say besides I’m sure this $10 whim purchase will spark a lot of joy? I’ve given them as silly gifts, and they are a surefire hit. 

I usually opt for natural wines or hard kombucha these days, as I find I get less of a hangover or headache. But if I am indulging in traditional wine, these wine purifier wands I learned about on TikTok have become my go-to. They remove the histamines and sulfites, which means no congestion, wine flush, or headache. Win! 

I’ve been trying to remember to protect my hands and manicure when I do dishes, and these chic gloves make it all the easier. The color is pretty and the three-pack means I’ll be set for quite a while. 

Now, this isn’t an impulse buy like some of my other recommendations, but I truly love my Blue Air filter. I got ours last year when my area was experiencing smoke from fires. But fire or not, I’ve come to realize that purifying the air in my home is the kind of adult move that is just smart for health. I’m astonished at how much dust this thing sucks up that would otherwise just be going in my lungs. They also have great customer service. 

Levi’s are a staple for a reason. This editor-loved silhouette is the perfect blend of stylish meets classic.

So many of my friends have the Birkenstock version of these, and these are a third of the price! 

Easy, flowy dresses are my summer go-to’s.

That racer-front cut is perfectly on point, and I love that this knit looks high-quality.

The reviews for this simple in-shower hair brush speak for themselves. One highlight, “After I purchased the Heeta hair scalp massager, I no longer am losing any of my hair like I was on the bathroom floor, plus I don’t have any more dandruff issues. The blood circulation in my scalp is much better. It feels great, and I honestly believe my hair is growing back and not thinning out.”

Watch out, CB2!

The name says it all. Pillow slippers!

Love the draped skirt!

Your black blazer just got jealous.

It comes in so many colors.

I did a double take on that price. Deal alert!

Utterly classic. You can’t go wrong. Next up, check out more of our Amazon Prime Day guides.

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