Chris Horan On His Favorite Projects, Styling Kit Go-Tos, and Summer Trend Picks

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Chris Horan is a Los Angeles-based stylist best known for styling clients including Barbie Ferreira, Rowan Blanchard, Charli XCX, Debby Ryan, Hari Nef, Pete Davidson, Benny Drama, and more. Horan’s work has been featured in publications such as Wonderland, L’Officiel, W, New York Times, Paper, Flaunt, Rolling Stone, and even, here, at Who What Wear.

In the latest episode of our podcast, Who What Wear With Hillary Kerr, Horan talks about getting started in the industry and offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at his many ongoing projects—including sharing his favorite at the moment. We also get to hear about styling kit go-tos he swears by and his top summer trend picks (and vibes) this season. Keep scrolling to get a snapshot of our conversation, then tune in to the Who What Wear podcast to hear the whole episode.

You work on such a wide range of things—you have fashion editorials, red carpet moments, very technical tours, promotional images, music videos. Do you have a favorite type of project?

Yes, I think editorial probably is my favorite. It’s also the one that pays the least amount of money. So it’s not going to pay a lot, but at the same time, it’s so creatively fulfilling for me to be able to do that and take these chances. A lot of clients are also way more down and excited too because it’s an editorial, not red carpet. So they’re way more willing to play and we can try out ideas that way. It’s a good test ground. Editorial is a safe space—it’s by far the most appealing.

Can we run through some of your favorite brands, items, etc? When you’re thinking about your styling kit, for example, key staples in there—undergarments, foundational pieces, accessories, things that you always have.

I only buy a Nippies brands which are the nipple covers. They’re matte. I think this is actually a really big one because I think people sometimes buy flower petals or another one that have the gloss on them. And then, you take a flash photo and it looks like you have like jelly nipples. So I think Nippies is really good. We already talked about Commando. Also, there’s this thing called Super Stick. Do not buy marketed fashion tape because that stuff is so weak. Super Stick is like J.Lo Versace dress tape—you’ll have a red mark but nothing will move.

So summer is upon us. Do you have any favorite trends for summer or things like “vibe” that you like?

Yeah, I think honestly, the vibe that I’m very into right now for summer is like super monochromatic, easy. I’m very into like a cream khaki moment, which I know doesn’t sound groundbreaking, but I think very baggy khaki pants. And then, like boxy short-sleeve button-up vibe, I think is good. Either that, or I love matching silk set like shorts and top—Prada vibes. It’s always a good choice for me. I love Commission right now. Then, the Jungmaven shorts—called the Venice short. They are truly heaven and have a little bit of stretch in them. They come in like 20 colors. And they’re the perfect short short. That is a summer staple to have.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Next up, check out our previous episode featuring Thakoon Panichgul. 

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