OMFG—You Can Now Buy the World’s Most Exclusive Beauty Products at Farfetch

Let me preface this by saying I knew Farfetch’s new beauty launch would be next-level (it’s one of our all-time favorite destinations for fashion, after all), I just didn’t know how next-level. So, cue my utter excitement and credit card grabbing once I arrived at the site’s product-studded landing page where you can now shop over 100 leading beauty brands—like, the most-wanted of the most-wanted—spanning leading global names like Chanel to smaller, cult-loved indie brands like Woods Copenhagen. 

“Farfetch Beauty is the destination for celebrating the transformational nature of beauty as a mode of identity in contemporary culture, while championing the emotional connection of how modern beauty makes you feel and not just how you look,” a press release from the retailer explains. “Through an immersive crossover between fashion and beauty, Farfetch Beauty serves customers across all ages, races, cultures, and genders in an ‘Only on Farfetch’ way.”

I already know you’re just as excited as we are to be able to shop the best in beauty along with your favorite designers and emerging fashion brands, so I’ll get right down to it. In celebratory honor of Farfetch Beauty, I took it upon myself to shop literally every single item that’s currently available, whittling it down to 40 ultra-exceptional beauty products I can practically guarantee you’ll love. Keep scrolling!

The name doesn’t lie—this cult-favorite hand balm has a zesty citrusy-wood scent, and will resurrect even the most lizard-like of skin. 

Alpha H’s overnight peel and mask hybrid epitomizes the phrase beauty sleep. It utilizes a key mix of glycolic acid, retinol, blue tansy flower, and papaya enzymes to exfoliate away dead skin cells and re-hydrate a stressed-out complexion.

A trade secret amongst beauty insiders, this lifting and hydrating body oil from African Botanics is carefully infused with lush ingredients to reduce the appearance of stretch marks while simultaneously strengthening, toning, and improving the natural elasticity of the skin. It’s a great add-on for your beach bag this season.

The hype surrounding Augustinus Bader’s iconic face creams is 100% valid. The investment is steep, but we recommend trying the mini size to dip your toe in. The Cream is a great place to start if you have normal to oily skin whereas The Rich Cream is a better option for people who veer dry or have more mature skin. 

Every beauty editor I know absolutely loves this brightening and firming vitamin C serum from Allies of Skin. Antioxidants aplenty via signature orange and glutathione complexes separate it from the rest of the vitamin C serum set on the market. 

Speaking of vitamin C serums, and ICYMI, this is the “holy-grail” formula Hailey Bieber swears by. 

Don’t make us choose a favorite Charlotte Tilbury makeup product, please don’t! That said, this highlighter, primer, and glow-inducing foundation-enhancer is pretty much bottled magic. 

I own about 500 mascaras and am a picky SOB when it comes to my lashes. This volumizing formula from Chanel instantly beefs up thin lashes, and since it dries quickly, you get maximum lift and curl. No sad, saggy, soggy lashes here!

It just doesn’t get dreamier than this rose-scented volumizing mist from Christophe Robin’s eponymous haircare line. Celebs (and their hairstylists) lap it up.

A shimmering summer beauty aesthetic is simply not complete without this lightweight liquid-gel bronzer from Chantecaille. Try it, and you’ll understand our obsession.

With just a quick click, swipe, and dab, dark or swollen under-eyes look brighter, tighter, and significantly less shadowed. This ingenious pen is a miracle we’ve kept stashed in our bags for years, and we have yet to find anything superior. 

I’m pretty positive that practically every celebrity I’ve ever interviewed says they use (and swear by) these handy SPF drops from Dr. Barbara Sturm. 

Meet the still under-the-radar serum that insiders in the beauty space have been FTFO over. Think of it as a do-it-all elixir that surges the skin with necessary moisture while also healing, protecting, and renewing. You can thank the insane nutrition label which features the brand’s signature 24 bioidentical synthetic peptides, growth factors, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and manuka honey. 

We love a fabulous face mask, and this one from Eve Lom (which is rich in antioxidants and minerals) delivers some of the most satisfying and noticeably luminous results. A little goes a long way, so the price tag is worth it.

It’s important to be discerning when you’re shopping for a quality cleansing oil. This one from Epara is infused with plankton extract and helps hydrate and soften the skin while also addressing hyperpigmentation and texture issues. It will also just look so beautiful in your shower or ontop of your vanity. 

Literally everyone should be using a growth factor serum if they want uncannily youthful-looking skin. This one from Epi.Logic is considered one of the absolute best and does the most in the firming and hydrating departments. (It was formulated by an Oculofacial plastic surgeon, after all!)

According to pretty much everyone, this specific scent from Frédéric Malle is the only one that matters if you want to smell expensive. So, if you want “your hair smells so good” compliments, this mist is your golden ticket. 

This famous foundation from Armani needs no introduction. You’ll find it in practically every makeup artist’s kit and atop every celebrity’s face on any given red carpet. 

From cobalt to green, Gucci’s splurge-worthy nail polishes are truly the ultimate if you’re looking to have the coolest tips in your circle. The shade Melinda Green is a personal addiction I’m happy to pass on to you.

It’s impossible to choose a favorite face mask from renowned facialist Joanna Vargas, and with this dew-inducing set, you don’t have to.

A controversial opinion, indeed, but I think this miracle plumping and hydrating gloss is the best product in the entire La Mer family. Buy it, and I dare you to disagree!

This potent neck and chest cream efficiently targets any trouble areas so you’re left with firmer, plumper, less damaged skin. It’s a game-changer. 

Meet one of my favorite, ultra-refreshing fragrances of all time. One spritz and you’re transported to seaside waves thanks to key notes like aquatic accord, iris asbolute, and red seaweed accord.

This rich face cream is the next best thing to spending roughly $500 on a spa-level oxygen facial. 

If you think body wash is just body wash, you clearly haven’t tried Nécessaire’s highly-coveted formula. It’s essentially like a multi-vitamin for your skin. We’re drooling over the new bergamot scent.

If you’re consistent about using this firming and plumping tool from NuFace, the results are filler-level impressive. (No joke.)

I’ve been bleaching my hair since middle school, and I can’t recommend this treatment from Olaplex enough. I’ve used it religiously since its launch, and I’m convinced it’s the only reason I still have hair on my head.

This illuminating eye cream from the Hungarian brand Omorovicza is spiked with vitamin C for the ultimate pick-me-up.

Enter: our best-kept secret for keeping hair moisturized and clean-looking without actually washing our hair. 

FYI—Meghan Markle is said to be a fan of this creamy, super-clean luminizer. That’s all!

If you’ve ever wanted the texture without that icky feeling of residue, look no further than this A+ formula from famed hairstylist Sam McKnight.

This non-shiny brow pomade is so natural-looking—it’s no wonder celebrity makeup artists love to use it on A-list clients. 

Sorry, but you haven’t known real luxury until you’ve slathered your feet with this warming cream from Susanne Kaufmann.

I take the art of smelling good, extremely seriously, and I have an entire vanity littered with perfumes as proof. It’s truly so hard to choose a favorite child, but I have a next-level obsession with Bitter Peach from Tom Ford. It’s juicy, rich, and the most intoxicating fruity floral courtesy of notes like Peche de Vigne, Blood Orange, and Patchouli. It will put a spell on you and anyone lucky enough to be in your presence.

Paris Hilton told me she uses this barrier-transforming treatment from U-Beauty, so, obviously, I started using this barrier-transforming treatment from U-Beauty. The technology is insane, and my skin has never looked so clear and glass-like. Thanks, Paris!

The beauty team here at WWW can’t shut up about these creamy, dreamy blush sticks from makeup artist Gucci Westman. A quick application is like a shot of espresso for your face in the best way possible. Try the shade Poppet and thank me later. 

This Danish vitamin E serum is like therapy for your complexion.

From detangling to styling, this compact set is hand-crafted in Italy from ivory-hued resin, and both the brush and comb are heat resistant and play nice with dry and wet hair alike.

If you crave light-to-medium coverage that feels practically nonexistent on your skin, get this. Plus, it’s boosted with yummy skincare-grade ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and mallow.

You can put this rose gold radiance booster in everything—from foundation to moisturizer. Or, you can just go balls-to-the-wall like me and apply it straight-up for a deliriously radiant skin finish. 

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