Practically Everyone I Know Has Bought a Pair of These Cloud Sneakers This Year

So, I live in Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s not a fashion city (although it has lots of other things going for it!), but sometimes I am influenced to buy things I see out and about—often at my pilates class. This past fall, I started noticing On sneakers, with their distinctive swiss cheese soles, all over the place. Not long after, my husband told me out of the blue that he wanted some of “those Cloud sneakers” after a friend told him about them. We ordered him a pair that night and since then, more and more people I know have been buying them, I’ve given them as gifts, and I got a pair for myself because I simply had to know what all of the hype was about. 

In all of my On sneaker research, I’ve noticed that it can be hard to find your chosen pair in stock, which is proof of their popularity. I also noticed that most styles are technically running shoes, so you can wear them for working out, but they’re stylish enough to be worn out and about. 

Serving as even further proof that the buzz is accelerating quickly, On and Loewe released an epic collaboration this week, including a pair of highly covetable sneakers that feature both brands’ logos. This editor ordered a pair immediately.

Scroll to shop my personal favorite On sneakers before they inevitably sell out.

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