4 Great Tips on How To Overcome Communication Issues in Multi-Branch Companies

Being an owner of a small company is already a huge success, let alone owning a multi-branch company. It can be very thrilling and show how hard you’ve worked to accomplish something like that.

Opening a new business location enables you to hire even more people and to take your business to the next level. Now, no matter how exciting this whole thing can be, it can also make some aspects of your company a bit more challenging.

We’re talking about communication. Unfortunately, at times, it can be a huge problem, but on a more positive note, there are many things that you can implement that will help you weather this smoothly. Let’s see what you can do!

Perfect Ways To Simplify Multi-Branch Communication

Opt For Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is for sure one of the easiest and most efficient ways to establish a high-quality line of communication with your colleagues, while at the same time adding something that’s a bit more personal than just regular calling.

Bear in mind, that you do not communicate with words only. Body language can also tell a lot about your current mood, intentions, and many other things, hence, adding visuals to business calls can significantly improve the quality of communication.

Furthermore, it wouldn’t hurt to consider using conferencing tools since they can help you have a secure way to call. What’s great about them is the fact that employees can call from a certain set space (office screen, for instance) and camera and communicate with every member of the company without employing the computer. 

Additionally, a video calling network also makes sure anyone can quickly get in touch with every team member by just simply dialing a set number. This for sure streamlines everything, because you are no longer forced to find and call certain people because you can simply search for offices or utilize a directory.

What About Direct Routing In Microsoft Teams?

These days, a lot of people are working remotely, which means that more and more companies are obligated to rely on communication technology in order to make things work normally. Many of them are trying to find a way to communicate with people both externally and internally.

A lot of businesses these days turn to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. What’s so good about it? Namely, it is capable of connecting computerized systems and allowing them to communicate with one another.

So how can you benefit from it? With it, now you no longer have to deal with the pains of replacing the whole phone system, but with the IP-PBX phone system, you’ll be able to reach Direct Routing through Microsoft Teams.

Furthermore, with Direct Routing you no longer have to use call carrying equipment (CCE), however, if you still want to use physical equipment, you can do so through SBC & Direct Routing implementation which is also a great option. When it comes to SBC, you can either host the SBC in the service provider’s cloud or manage the on-prem SBC yourself.

What Are The Other Options?

Make Sure To Use The Same Tools Across Branches

Now, visual communication is a great way to establish direct communication with your colleagues, however, there are a number of tools that can help you establish indirect communication as well.

If that’s what you want to accomplish, then you have to make sure that everybody is utilizing the same tools and processes. This way, every worker will know exactly how a certain task is completed, where it’s completed, and how processes function.

Besides, if every employee utilizes the same tools, all important documents and files are going to be much easier to share across your company. One team can simply pick up where others have left off and in collaboration will generally be much more simplified this way,

Too Many Lines Of Communication May Not Be The Smartest Idea

A lot of people nowadays think that there’s never enough communication when it comes to interoffice communication. Well, this approach may not be the smartest. How come? Namely, if your business has a lot of modes of communication open, each individual is going to pick their own favorite, may be intimidated with the number of options, forgets to check them, and then misses some very important messages.

Therefore, it would be recommendable for everybody to employ a couple of dedicated lines of communication to make sure everybody sees every message.

Business growth, more offices, and branches are all things that just show how accomplished you’ve become. But they also bring some communication-related issues. So if you want to avoid them, then just follow all these tips that were listed here.

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