Top Tech Solutions Small Business Owners Should Use to Speed-up Their Platform Services

The competition is strong in most industries, hence, as a business owner you must do everything that’s in your power to stand out from the rest. You should use every tool you can get in order to be at an advantage.

For sure, one of the most powerful tools a company can have is its website. It’s a place where existing and potential consumers can learn more about the brand, services, products, customer reviews/experience, and many other things.

That’s precisely why your website must work impeccably if you want your consumers to be and stay interested in your company. Now, if your website is too slow, it is going to impact the overall performance. So how can you improve it? Below, we’ll provide you with the answers to this question.

Ways To Enhance E-Commerce Performance & Speed

Simple Navigation

If you want to reach a high conversion rate, then it’s crucial for your website to have straightforward navigation. This can be an essential factor, especially during your consumer’s purchase.

You do not want him or her to click a million times in order to buy something. That’s something that should be executed relatively fast. If it takes too long, it is highly likely that that individual is going to leave your website without obtaining anything and will probably never come back.

Furthermore, since we’re living in a technology-obsessed world, it would be recommendable for your platform to be mobile responsive as well so those who are constantly on their cell phones can easily access it.

Focus On Terms & Conditions

One of your biggest goals as a business owner is to focus on attracting as many new clients as possible and of course selling your services and products. Now, if you haven’t focused on developing the terms and conditions of your firm, it’s going to be hard for you to showcase what you’re planning to offer to your consumers for your charges.

Without it, you can only rely on the evidence you have to showcase that your terms of business have been legally implemented in the contract with the clients. As you can see, it is highly recommendable to have a website for terms of service and if you’re not sure how to create one, you can either consult somebody that has experience in it or rely on a terms and conditions generator. Luckily, there are a lot of great ones out there!

Anything Else You Can Do?

Figure Out The Slow Landing Pages

When we say the speed of the platform, it doesn’t necessarily mean the entire platform, but more about one page. You must remember that each page of your website can potentially consist of different amounts of JS files, CSS, content, and images. 

What does it mean? It means that each page comes with a different weightage and will require a different amount of time to load. Now, if your platform has a plethora of pages, then it’s going to be pretty challenging to determine what page is causing the slow loading speed.

If you want to determine the performance and speed of your website, then you should definitely try out Google PageSpeed insight. What is it? Namely, it represents an excellent, free tool that can be employed to test the speed of the website pages for both mobile and computer versions.

Furthermore, it measures the performance metrics of the web page and then makes a comparison with the chrome user experience report. Now, if any of the pages, showcases poor results, then it’s a sign that you must make changes to that page.

Moreover, this tool can also provide you with some amazing ideas that can help you implement these changes. Generally speaking, it is here to show you exactly what is making your site speed slow.

Utilize A DNS Level Website Firewall

DDoS attacks and brute force and one of the most common internet predicaments. The main goal of every hacker is to overload your server so he/she can break-in, install some powerful malware and steal all your important data. 

A majority of hosting companies offer basic safeguards that can protect your site from these types of attacks, however, one of the biggest problems of these attacks is the fact that they can seriously affect the speed of your website and make it very slow.

If that happens to you, then you should install a DNS firewall because it will prevent suspicious attacks even before they access your web page.

No matter how good your service and products are if users do not have a good experience while browsing your website, they are not going to return. Therefore, you should implement some of these tips to make sure everything works smoothly.

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