I Have Way Too Many Clothes, so I Purged These Items From My Closet

Janet Gunn is always quite the source of sartorial inspiration. We routinely turn to her if we’re looking for fresh shopping tips or style advice. You may remember when she recently shared the loungewear looks she’s loving at the moment. Well, given the fact that she adores fashion and works as an influencer, she’s accumulated quite the smattering of clothing items over the years. As a result, she spent time recently reorganizing her closet and purging items she’s not wearing as much anymore. Naturally, we were intrigued by her closet clean-out process.

“Over the past 10 months, I’ve had the time to re-evaluate many things, including my closet layout and clothing choices and how I can be better organized,” she said. “With help from professional stylist and closet organizer, Sherry Farrahi, I discovered how freeing ‘Less is more’ can truly be! She helped me organize my closet and curate my clothing, motivating me to get rid of unworn pieces taking up prime real estate in my closet.”

If you’ve been wanting to re-evaluate your closet and are potentially looking for inspiration, below you’ll uncover the pieces Gunn got rid of and what she kept or added instead. Also, if you are in the middle of purging and are interested in adding a few of those classic items Gunn swears by into your offering, there’s shopping inspiration sprinkled throughout as well.

On Gunn: The Office of Angela Scott shoes. “When it comes to jeans, I find myself choosing to wear the same brands and styles over and over again, while the rest just take up space in my closet. Doing a purge and keeping only those that fit and look the best opened up so much space in my closet! These days, I’m favoring relaxed and high-waisted styles.”—Gunn

On Gunn: Ganni tee; Anine Bing heels and blazer. “Boy, I sure had a collection of T-shirts taking up space in my closet—way too many versions of the same style. But no more! I kept only the best fitting ones and added more graphic designs to keep my look updated and fun.”

“I definitely have a problem with accessory overload, but I was able to scale down to only my favorites, and now I have space for them to be front and center and easy to grab. I’ve also simplified my sunglasses collection, opting for timeless vintage Ray-Bans and classic oversize styles that fit my face best.”

On Gunn: Hark+Hammer top. “So many blouses, so little time. I like sticking with classic, slightly oversize button-down styles in my favorite fabrics, cotton or silk.”

On Gunn: Zara boots and Chanel bag. “I’ve officially traded in my sky-high heels for practical, classic styles. My feet are thrilled that I’m now sticking with lower heels and flats like sling-backs, loafers, oxfords, and street-wise sneakers.”

On Gunn: Anine Bing. “I admit I am a bit of a bag lady. Sure, I love a designer bag, but I am also a huge collector of other styles. I’ve also slowly been ditching my heavy, oversize bags for smaller, structured ones. Oh, and I love a hands-free belt bag any day!”

Next, check out more items Gunn is loving.

This story was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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