Remote Employee Retention 

At this point in the global pandemic it is safe to say most of us are over zoom happy hour. Having a drink in front of your camera alone in your living room just isn’t the same as going to a restaurant or bar and being with your coworkers in person. 

Depending on your office you may be back to in-person work, yet many are still working remotely (and preferring it). It’s clear that remote work is not going anywhere soon and so it is worth looking at ways to include and engage with employees who are working remotely to boost employee retention.  

Why Employee Engagement?

When thinking about what makes an organization successful people often point to obvious things like sales and profitability. But what is often overlooked is employee engagement. Employee engagement drives success (which drives profits) because of the inherent investment organizations put into their employees’ happiness. 

Employee engagement gets a little complicated when factoring in remote work. It is harder to be engaged over email, especially when some remote employees have never even met their coworkers or bosses in person before. 

Focusing on remote employee engagement initiatives will improve overall company culture, keep enthusiasm levels up, and result in more success within your organization. But how do you do it? 

Tips for Remote Employee Engagement 

Stay connected

It is important to stay connected with your employees as they work remotely. Regular check-ins with employees is helpful for both you and them. Remote work can be isolating and it can be difficult to get proper feedback online. Holding weekly check-ins with employees eliminates some stress and provides employees with the opportunity to express their thoughts or concerns regarding their workload.

Rewards and Incentives

Another great way to keep employees engaged while working remotely is to reward employees for good work. Rewards and incentives demonstrate an organization’s appreciation for their employees as they put in hard work. 

Recognizing the good work employees do and not letting good work go unnoticed is key to keeping engagement up. Another aspect of rewards and incentives is some healthy competition between departments to win prizes. Prizes can range from custom merch to rep their organization to thoughtful rewards cards employees can spend wherever they like. And winners can track and redeem their rewards in real-time when using an incentive management platform. 

Recognition for a job well done boosts employee loyalty and engagement within an organization. Consider implementing rewards and incentives for employees. Include a little friendly competition in the form of weekly or monthly games for employees to play with the chance to win big.  

Be Transparent

Transparency builds trust and it is especially important when working remotely. Keep communication channels open with remote employees. It can be difficult to feel like you’re in the loop when working from home but bosses who prioritize transparency are keeping their employees engaged with the organization. 

Virtual Events

Virtual events or scheduled time for team building can go a long way when employees are not face-to-face with one another. Make sure to plan events that employees will actually care about and want to partake in. Do a poll or gather suggestions to gauge interest and make a plan. 

Health and Wellness

Working at a desk (or table, or couch, or bed if you’re remote) can take a strain on mental and physical health. Prioritize the wellbeing of employees by encouraging people to use their paid time off (if applicable). Or create a workout program for some more healthy competition (with prizes for the winners, of course). Listening and looking out for employees and their health and wellbeing boosts employee engagement and shows that you care. 


Employee engagement drives success and profits within an organization. The more employees are engaged with their work (and actually care about what they do) the better off everyone is. Remote work certainly throws a wrench into employee engagement but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a little reworking of your strategy. 

To keep employees engaged, even when you’re not face-to-face with them, make sure to stay connected, consider rewards and incentives, prioritize health and well-being, and hold virtual events. 

With the right tools, keeping employees engaged and boosting employee retention while working remotely will improve company morale and lead to a more productive and successful workforce. 

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