How Technology Has Added Different Ways of Winning at Online

Online slots have enjoyed an explosion in popularity in recent years, as the technology used in casino websites have allowed developers to include an increasing number of features. The following are some of the ways of winning that you need to be aware of before playing.

Get a Set of Matching Symbols

Since the days of the very first slot machines, the key to winning has been in getting a set of matching symbols. However, this used to involve images such as fruits and bells appearing across a single payline. These days, you can find slots with different numbers of paylines, with 10, 20 and 50 some of the most common numbers.  

Some slots have a fixed number of ways that the player can win, while the Megaways engine provides a different type of mechanism. The specific type of online casino games that include Megaways in their titles have a set of reels that change on every spin, giving a different number of ways of winning each time you play.

Interestingly, while many of these modern titles have varied themes like Leprechaun’s Luck Cash Collect and Vault Cracker, there are also some that still use the classic symbols and pay homage to the original titles. In this way, a balance is struck between technological advancements and appealing to all players, traditional and new.

Trigger the Jackpot

One of the most interesting ways that online slots put the latest technology to good use is by offering cash jackpots. These are often the game’s biggest prizes and can either be fixed or progressive. A fixed jackpot always has the same value, while a progressive jackpot will increase each time that someone plays it, until it’s eventually claimed.

There are various different ways of claiming a slot jackpot. In the simplest cases, you only need to get a combination of the game’s top symbols to trigger this prize. Other slots have a special mini-game or some other type of feature that you need to trigger to earn the jackpot.   

lots of slots” (CC BY 2.0) by dennis

Earn a Prize in the Bonus Round

Not every online slot has a bonus round, while others include several of these rounds in their gameplay. If you like the idea of breaking up the base game with something different, it’s worth looking at the information page on each game to see what features can be activated as you play.

One of the most common types of bonus rounds gives you a chance to pick a reward. This could involve choosing a face-down card, meaning that the probability of winning varies according to the exact rules in place. Or it could offer you a choice of objects related to the game’s theme.

Another possibility is that you trigger a round that brings up a bonus wheel for you to spin, like a simplified version of those we’ve all seen on television. It might even add a new set of reels. We’ve increasingly seen new and more intriguing types of bonus rounds added in the last few years as developers have used their skills to add in appealing features.

We can expect to see more features and different ways of winning to be added to online slots in the near future, as more types of players are attracted to them and new games are released to meet the demand.

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