6 Ways to Protect Your Power Path

Components like heat, overcurrent, or undercurrent are likely to damage the circuit or power path. These silicon-based products or items in the power path or a circuit would be difficult to manage or repair. 

The effect of mismanagement of the power path is generally instant. Often the cost is very expensive and disrupts manufacturers’ or engineers’ budget for the month. But this matter has a scalable scope when you know when and how to protect the power path. 

To know how, continue to read. 

6 Ways To Protect Your Power Path

1. Invest in eFuse to prevent heavier losses with short-circuits.

It’s one of the current protection devices engineers use to limit the power/current flow in the circuit. Though, this situation triggers when faulty conditions occur like a fuse or short-circuit.

A power switch is quite common in an eFuse which helps to modulate the current level in a circuit. It senses when the short-circuit is about to happen and then applies the control logic. 

2. Use an intelligent motor for power control to stop irrelevant or unwanted power surges.

Large-scale industries use CHINT power protection devices like intelligent power control motors. Today, buildings and premises like hospitals, hotels, banking/financial institutions, universities, and research centers also use these motors. 

These motors track the real-time power flow in the power path. They help in automated switching of passive compensation cabinets. With it, the power factor qualities for a manageable circuit or power path. 

These motors also have alarms that you can control to warm the engineers in your team when faulty situations commence. 

3. Use a power factor measurement device.

Go for lightweight devices with human-oriented designs. Such power and voltage measuring devices are easier to use. They check every electric power department, including the quality of the circuit. 

Each modern power factor measuring device design can be different. It should be for the industry or the building you’re in, depending on the usage of the daily power. 

This way, you and your engineers can mitigate the upcoming losses and damages due to overheating or over current issues in the circuit. 

4. Regularly test the power supplies.

There can be minor malfunctions with power path/circuits, especially when you’re regularly using electronic devices: 

  • Computers,
  • Hard disks,
  • Printers/scanners,
  • Video cards,
  • Motherboards, and more.

To avoid these mistakes and malfunctions in the power supply, check and test the supplies regularly. Verify the power path/circuit, its switches and surge protectors. This way, you would always know the current condition of every electric component consuming the power supplied. 

5. Handle overheating and overcurrent situations properly.

If there is a heating problem, the hardware will start feeling hot or make weird noises. 

That time, you need to shut down the system or stop using the hardware for a few hours. It’s a method to avoid overheating as well. If there’s overheating, thick smoke will come out of the power center or hardware devices in use. 

To stop the bigger malfunction, you can immediately stop the power supply. That’s when you think there’s no time to switch off the operational devices. 

6. Replace damaged surge protectors with new ones.

Surge protectors or UPSs can only sustain for a limited period. Often, you have to get them checked by engineers or technicians. They will know if the surge protector is fine or not. Do this under the warranty of the equipment to avoid heavy maintenance charges. 

If you avoid replacing UPS on time, a damaged part could lead to system failure, lighting strikes, shut down of outlets, and continuous damage to battery life. If this happens, you are only inviting more charges on the maintenance expenditure sheet. 

But there is a smarter way to deal with it. That’s when you invest in new surge protectors or UPS systems. This way, the entire system will be protected once again from the start. You won’t have to keep repairing the old surge protector system with less scope of its insurance. 

Eventually, this replacement would benefit you with the smooth working of all the electronic devices, depending on the power supply in the building. 


There are 6 best ways mentioned in the article to protect your power path. There are more. You can do your research. Better if you contact the voltage measurement device agencies. They offer the best equipment to control unnecessary power/voltage spikes or surges. 

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