Qoppa PDF Automation Server Review

Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server is an advanced PDF Automation Tool packs with a range of PDF processing functions for different environments. The tool is designed for those who work with PDF functions and is suitable for all types of organizations. Qoppa PDF Automation Server Review will give you in-depth information about this tool and its features.

PDF Automation Server: Overview

PDF Automation Server is a modular server product. It is used to streamline your PDF processing and PDF workflows. The software offers a user-friendly dashboard to manage the document workflows of your organization. Users can connect the files with servers, can manage multiple PDFs, and more right from the Dashboard i.e. PAS Manager.

PDF Automation Server: Key Features

User-friendly Interface

PDF Automation Server is known for its user-friendly interface. The software provides easy-to-use functions to manage the PDF processings and its functions. It is an ideal software for professional use as it comes with all the essential functions with built-in server integration.

Quick Access Controls

The software provides quick access controls to all its users. Unlike other software that needs you to follow several steps, this software checks permissions faster so that you can work with the files quickly.


The software comes with all the useful annotation tools to add a text note or to give a caption to a diagram or a chart. The annotations tools are essential for professional use and this software gives you the access to use all of them right from the Dashboard.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools make it easier for the users to work with multiple PDF files. The tools help users work with different types of tools and files with no hassle. These tools are responsible for quick integration between other tools that you might require while working with your PDF files.

Convert to PDF

Convert to PDF is a useful feature that comes with this PDF Automation Server. The software helps you convert an ordinary text file or a doc file into a professional PDF file. Converting files to PDF using this tool is super-easy. You can select the convert option and export the files into PDF format to share them with others.

Built-in Digital Signature

Digital Signature is essential in today’s digital world. There is PDF automation server software that requires you to use third-party tools for digital signature and other purposes. However, the PDF Automation Server from Qoppa offers a built-in Digital Signature feature to add a digital signature to your PDF files.

Simple Drag and Drop Function

The simple drag and drop function of the PDF Automation Server helps users work with the PDF files and their features easily. You can drop pictures, clip arts, and more from your desktop to the file. Or the same drag and drop functionality works within the software itself.

Workflow Software Support

The Automation Server is compatible with all the other workflow servers. You can integrate this Automation Server to other workflow servers for collaborative work. You can create a workflow module and can design your own diagrams. At last, you can export the PDF file of your work to your desktop.

Security of PDF files

To secure the files and work on the PDF Automation Server, the PDF Automation Server tool comes with an encryption function to encrypt your files.

Besides this, you will also get some basic PDF features such as PDF merger, PDF reader, text editor, etc. The same software supports third-party integration. A watermarking feature is also included to add watermarks to your documents.


The PDF Automation Server is available with its trial version for free. You can try out the basic features and functions of this software for free. You just need to download the trial version from their official website and install it to a respective PC system. Besides this, you can also request a demo version to further use the software and its features.


Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server is undoubtedly the best software for professionals who have to deal with PDF files. The software can be used by anyone with its basic to advanced features. With multi-platform compatibility, the PDF Automation Server is the most reliable software in the market.

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