The 23 Long Leather Jackets That Are Both Runway and Mom Approved

My mom discovered a fashion trend without even trying. In anticipation of Chicago’s winter, my mom and I always go coat shopping together to try to find her a new warm jacket. We tear up Michigan Avenue, going from store to store in 15-minute increments. The same thing happens in every store: I pull out funky bombers and cropped puffers, my mom shakes her head no, and she reaches for a knee-length jacket.

“Come on, Mom. Why not this one?” I’ll say, holding out a leather bomber that I secretly hope she likes so I can “borrow” it from her closet.

She informs me for the 97th time that she will not wear any jacket that does not fully cover her butt. I remind her of her great physique, which is perhaps due to weekly pilates and five-mile runs every day. In turn, she tells me that’s not the point and to not push it. “I’ll wear a short coat the same day you wear a long one,” is her final word on the matter.

In my defense, I tried wearing long coats. But every long puffer made me feel like an elongated walking marshmallow, every trench coat made me feel like a lurking private investigator, and every wool overcoat made me feel like I was trapped in a blanket. Then one night, as I was putting on my favorite leather jacket to go out, it hit me: long leather jackets.

While I still may not understand my mom’s no-short-coats rule, I will say that I can get behind her long-coat look. Long leather coats are the ideal jacket for winter. They’re sleek, subtle, and have just the right amount of shape. The leather isn’t too heavy, and the extra length adds plenty of warmth. And after a lengthy online search, I found tons of options that I could see both my mom and myself wearing. Below, I’ve rounded up 21 long leather jackets to get you through the winter. (And Mom, if you’re reading this, it’s now your turn to try the leather bomber.)

Vegan leather and faux fur? I guess that means I can buy this with a clear conscience.

Biases aside, we crushed it with this jacket.

Heads up: You’ll want to size down since this is a men’s jacket.

It has leather trim, so it counts.

Absolutely living for this leather-on-leather moment.

Brown leather is so in.

A long, leather puffer vest is exactly what this world needs. 

If you’re going to wear a trench, at least make it a leather one.

Someone tuck me into this coat, and leave me alone.

I’m a huge fan of the jeans with this one.

A patent-leather coat is exactly what my mom needs.

This is basically a leather puffer bathrobe.

Red leather definitely makes a statement.

It’s still considered a coat, okay?

This belted jacket pays a little more attention to form.

Until now, I thought cognac was only something my father drank, but I’m obsessed with this color.

The rhombus quilting makes this coat fashion-person approved.

FYI, “shirt jacket” means two styles for the price of one.

If I had to wear a pantsuit to work, this would be my suit jacket.

I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but it does technically cover your butt, so we can call it long.

The recycled leather makes it easy to justify this purchase.

Since this trench is 100% leather, it’s certainly worth the investment. 

I’m sorry. I had to.

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