The 16 Best Designer Sweatshirts Straight Off the Runway and Onto Your Couch

I have a problem. 

Somehow, despite owning drawers and drawers of sweatshirts, I cannot stop buying more. Here’s what happens: I go to boutiques or department stores with the intention of buying new jeans, maybe finding appropriate shoes to wear to work, or sometimes I literally just go to Soho to walk my dog and browse. And yet in all of these scenarios, I have somehow left with a new sweatshirt. This happens so much that my closet is approximately 80% sweatshirts, 15% other clothing, and 5% dog hair.

For a large portion of the year, I cannot defend my actions. “Gaby, why in the world do you need a lavender, sherpa-lined hoodie in August?” my mom might ask, as we FaceTime so I can show her my latest treasure and then quickly hang up when I realize I have no justifiable answer. This goes on for a few months every year, and as my drawer of sweatshirts increases, the temperature starts to decrease. Finally, it’s sweater weather

This is all to say that I have a lot of experience in the densely populated sweatshirt industry and have therefore rounded up the 16 best designer sweatshirts to keep you warm and toasty this winter. Fair warning, some may cost a hefty sum, but I like to think of it as window shopping (or in this case MacBook shopping). The variety of styles and styling has allowed me to create more outfits incorporating sweatshirts than I would have thought possible. 

While buying an expensive trendy item may seem pointless, purchasing a sweatshirt you love is actually an investment. Trends may come and go, but sweatshirts will always be in style. And that’s priceless. So Mom, if you are reading this, there’s your answer.

Keep scrolling for the 16 best designer sweatshirts available to shop now.

ACNE Studios never disappoints when it comes to sweatshirts.

With endless colors to choose from, this is a closet staple that goes with anything and everything.

Two words, 12 letters—say it, and I’m yours: velour hoodie.

It took all my strength to only pick one sherpa sweatshirt.

Yes, there are matching sweatpants to complete the velour tracksuit.

Even if you don’t play tennis, this sweatshirt is still a winner.

Extra motivation to get you to the gym on those cold days.

When you want to wear a vest, but it’s not quite vest weather.

Buying this matching set in camel for my new WFH outfit ASAP.

The perfect balance of trying while not trying at all.

Never be without a mask again.

Only Loewe could make me want to wear embroidery and tassels.

I’m living for this.

Tie-dye made a comeback, and I’m not quite ready to let it go.

The name says it all.

This collab is absolutely unreal.

This color is called butter, and I want it now (and a baguette to go with).

This is all I want to wear on a Sunday.

Made out of recycled materials so you can convince yourself you are actually doing a good deed when buying this. 

Ever been to upstate New York? 

Note to self: Do not try to steal this from your sister’s closet again. She is very attached to it.

Something about this sweatshirt makes me actually want to go to yoga.

This green tie-dye design is so unexpected, but totally evergreen. 

The puffed sleeves add a touch of elevation to this otherwise everyday gray sweatshirt.

Now here’s a sweatshirt that will only get better with age!

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