Hat Fandom Is at Full Speed Right Now—Here Are the Biggest Trends to Know

Hats have long had a tendency to fall by the wayside when it comes to outfits, but that stops here: the accessory has experienced a bit of a revival over the past few months, starting with the sudden explosion of shearling accessories on the runways. Now that fuzzy hats, bags, and shoes are a thing, it’s been sort of the gateway for a wider variety of hats to now capture everyone’s attention.

According to me, the hat fandom is long overdue—its ability to make an outfit is supremely underrated. Especially when it’s this freezing and layers upon layers become the norm—other than your coat or shoes, it’s really the only thing that’s visible. So yep, they’re pretty important if you care about setting an impression with your style. With the fashion crowd’s abrupt interest in hats spiking up, I thought I’d review the specific trends people are wearing on repeat—guaranteed you’ll exit this tab with one in your cart.

This is one of the hat trends that has managed to stick around and weather the storm of the industry’s fickle tastes. Minimalist dad hats have always sort of been around, but lately, they’re really picking up steam. There are literally hundreds of baseball caps online, but it’s always most stylish in a muted color with a catchy slogan or logo, in a simple font.

I certainly have a tendency to think of crochet as a summer thing, but so many stylish people have proven otherwise. With the craft-core aesthetic gaining in popularity this year, it was only a matter of time before its influence reached the hat category. You can try this in either a bucket hat or beret shape—either way, it looks amazing worn with a simple coat. FYI, my eyes are peeled on the Marc Jacobs one.

If you’re not a hat person, consider this you’re entryway into the lifestyle. Not only are beanies cool, but they’re also downright practical this time of year. While beanies are so pervasive they’re almost not a trend, this season’s take includes the hat in a series of bold, bright colors.

There’s cold, and then there’s freezing, and when it’s the latter, you better have a balaclava at the ready. Of course, they’re nothing like the stark, fitted ski masks you’re probably used to— designers like Cecilie Bahnsen, Miu Miu, and Stella McCartney have elevated the headwear into a piece of bonafide fashion, complete with sumptuous knit materials, fanciful details, and beautiful colors. Scandi girls, in particular, seem to love this trend, but when you’re living in one of the coldest parts of the world who can blame them?

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