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A good quality mattress is essential for a restful night’s sleep. It provides adequate comfort and support for your body, as well as proper spinal alignment and blood circulation. Duroflex is one of the best-selling mattress brands currently available in the market. We have thus curated a list of affordable, high-quality mattresses to suit your needs.

Duroflex – Memory Foam Mattress NRG 40

NRG 40 is a true technological breakthrough in the sleep industry. This cutting-edge memory foam mattress combines numerous innovative sleep technologies to provide you with restful and energizing sleep. This mattress’s memory foam provides a luxurious feel and pressure relief. The exclusive NRG Layer optimizes spinal alignment and back support on a zonal basis.

The NRG 40 features our QUBE Cell Technology, which provides plush comfort and remarkable resilience. This layer’s unique cube cut profile minimizes motion transfer across the mattress, allowing for uninterrupted sleep. NRG 40 is encased in a particular fabric infused with anti-stress properties that repel negative ions from your body, allowing you to sleep deeply and positively. 

The single bed Duroflex mattress price starts from Rs. 29,814. 

Duroflex – Orthopedic Coir Mattress

Are you looking for an increased level of back support? Consider Back Magic, an orthopaedic coir mattress recommended by a physician. Designed for improved sleep, this mattress featured a rigid core of high-density coir and rebonded foam that helps relax muscles and keeps your body supported and comfortable.

It is part of the Duropedic collection and features the exclusive 5-Zoned Orthopedic Support Layer, tested and recommended by doctors at the National Health Academy, making it India’s best orthopaedic mattress. The mattress is engineered to provide the most advanced back support available and aid posture and spine alignment. The ideal level for firm body support prevents the back from curving, relieves pressure, and improves blood circulation. 

The Orthopedic Duroflex mattress price starts from Rs. 8,539 and is available on a No Cost EMI plan.

Duroflex Icon – Spring Mattress

A better night’s sleep begins with Icon, a mattress that seamlessly blends value and comfort for superior rest. A three-zone pocket spring mattress prevents movement across the mattress, resulting in a disturbance-free sleep. The pocket spring layer’s three zones provide zonal body support. The additional foam layers increase the mattress’s density, resilience, and overall comfort, making it an excellent choice for a restful night’s sleep. 

The Duroflex mattress price starts from Rs. 9,574. 

Duroflex Mattress – Double Side Roll Pack 

Designed to meet your evolving needs for customized support, the Double Side Roll Pack provides a safe and hygienic sleeping environment. The mattress is constructed with two layers of high-performance foam, one firm support layer, and one soft comfort layer. It features our proprietary Triple Anti Microbial Fabric, which helps keep harmful bacteria, fungi, and dust mites away from the mattress, ensuring a healthy sleep environment.

The mattress is delivered in a box for easy setup. It is a reversible mattress, with one side featuring a firm support foam layer and the other featuring a soft comfort foam layer. Flip it over as desired for a more customized sleep experience. 

The price of a double bed Duroflex mattress price starts from Rs. 6,080. 

Duroflex – Rise Spring Mattress

This Bonnell spring mattress with an ultra-soft pillow top surface provides unmatched firm support and cosy comfort. The Bonnell spring layer strengthens and stabilizes the mattress’s core while also providing the ideal amount of bounce. Multiple foam layers add to the comfort, resulting in a restful sleep experience. 

The single bed rise Duroflex mattress price starts from Rs. 9,441. 

Duroflex – Pocket Spring Mattress

 Velocity is an ideal pocket spring mattress for those seeking softer support. The medium-firm mattress features an innovative 3-Zoned Active NRG Layer that provides advanced support. The core of this mattress is a three-zone pocket with individually wrapped springs for zero motion transfer, ensuring that your movements and those of your partner do not interfere with one another.

This mattress features a unique anti-stress fabric that helps repel negative ions from the body, resulting in a positively charged night’s sleep. This mattress prevents motion from travelling across it, allowing your partner to sleep peacefully. 

The single bed pocket spring Duroflex mattress price starts from Rs. 15,649.

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