What is Visa Provisioning Service – How Does It Work

Visa Provisioning Service was designed by Visa so that customers can connect their payment accounts of Visa to their smartphones enabled via NFC. This Service has been incorporated by multiple institutions such as transit operators, banks, network operators and so on. 

Today we will get to know what is Visa Provisioning Service, its application, advantages and disadvantages. 

What is Visa Provisioning Service?

Visa Provisioning Service enables both individuals as well as organizations to download as well as access any information pertaining to digital payment through their smartphones. Of course, their smartphones need to contain an NFC chip.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and fuels the exchange of digital content as well as secured transactions faster for the users. Multiple devices can be connected only with a simple touch and a lot faster than before.

The service was created in order to maintain its pace with the changing consumer behavior as well as development in technology. As a part of the ecosystem, a merchant uses a Visa account with a token allowing them to overcome conventional barriers of accepting payments. This includes costs acquired by the merchant and protection from frauds.

The service is 100 percent safe and conducts transactions without using any card as well as any information from the customer. Some other security measures of this service include PIN authentication.

Features of Visa Provisioning Service 

This Service has been designed to ensure that online payment as well as all other transactions can be carried out extremely easily by individuals and firms. 

However, Visa Provisioning Service can only operate if your smartphone possesses the NFC technology. What’s worse is that most smartphones of this generation do not possess said technology and therefore cannot use the Visa Provisioning Service.

For those phones that do have the NFC technology, the Visa Provisioning Service becomes activated whenever you switch on the NFC on your smartphones. You can easily do so by swiping the top panel and tapping on the NFC option. 

How does Visa Provisioning Service work?

Visa Provisioning Service is convenient and flexible which means you won’t have to face any problem while using it.

Once you understand its mechanism, using this Service will be like child’s play for you. You will actually prefer it over other payment options. Follow the steps below and you will understand Visa Provisioning Service better.

  • Getting the appropriate smartphone

Of course, you cannot enjoy the benefits of Visa Provisioning Service without a smartphone. So, buy one immediately but make sure it can support NFC technology.

The NFC must be embedded in the smartphone you purchase for it work and consequently enable you to utilize Visa Provisioning Service. There is no alternative for NFC, even though in a few years-time Visa might come out with something. So, if you do not have a smartphone with NFC then you can either wait for Visa to come up with a good alternative or just get a new smartphone. 

  • Establish connection with any institution

Contact the firm that would issue your visa account so that you can activate digital payment via your smartphone and enjoy Visa Provisioning Service. 

  • Activating payment via smartphone

After fulfilling the above step, you need to get your smartphone activated by an official who will enable the Visa Provisioning Service. 

  • Start using Visa Provisioning Service

Once you have activated the NFC supporting smartphone, you will be able to use Visa Provisioning Service. You can use the Visa Provisioning Service for a variety of payments. It is mandatory for you to authorize all transactions involving your account. 

  • Every time you make a payment, you will get a text consisting a passcode.
  • Enter the passcode in order to make the payment successful.
  • Entering the passcode incorrectly might cause the transaction to fail.

The service will also provide you with all the details pertaining to any transaction that you make. You can also download these payment details if you want to keep a record. All the payment details are easily available. 

Advantages of Visa Provisioning Service

  • Visa Provisioning Service has allowed customers to make secured payments a lot faster than before.
  • The process is also very easy. 
  • The number of companies that have made it possible for customers to use Visa Provisioning Service for payment is growing every day.

Apart from speed and security, the most important benefit of Visa Provisioning is to decrease incidents of credit card thefts. You are no longer required to have your credit cards with you all the time. You can just use any app such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or Google Wallet for any kind of transaction. 

It also makes your purse a lot lighter since you are no longer required to carry multiple credit cards with you all the time.

Disadvantages of Visa Provisioning Service

Of course, Visa Provisioning Service is not without its flaws despite being such a wonderful innovation.

  • The fact that the NFC technology is its backbone and is not available in every smartphone is perhaps the biggest drawback. 
  • At the same time, it is not possible for certain customers to just replace their current smartphones with ones that contain the NFC technology. It may cost these customers a fortune and is therefore out of the question.

As a result, Visa is required to provide an alternative for individuals who possess smartphones not supporting the NFC technology. This is to ensure that they too can enjoy the Visa Provisioning Service.

For now, it does not make much sense to replace your non-NFC smartphones for this service. However, if you plan to buy a new smartphone then make sure that it has NFC because this technology is becoming increasingly popular now.

Where can you use Visa Provisioning Service

Money is not going to be the same way it was a few decades ago. Companies around the globe have started to employ payment methods that are not only flexible but also convenient. Visa Provisioning Service offers the same benefits and it is no surprise that some of the influential corporations in the world have started to employ its services.

This includes Amazon, Apple, Google, Netflix, Samsung, and Starbucks among many others. 

The above names make it pretty evident other companies of similar stature are also inclining towards Visa Provisioning Service. This is to make the payment systems for their customers easier and faster. Visa Provisioning Service is undoubtedly the next big thing as far as online transactions is concerned. You can use Visa Provisioning se to pay for Amazon prime too. 

Visa is working with many organizations and mechants to start accepting Visa Provisioning Service.

Visa Provisioning Service $0

Quite a few companies complain that they have received a charge for Visa Provisioning Service as well as an authorisation of $0 on the statement of their payment. Customers are usually puzzled regarding such transactions and don’t know what to make of it. The zero dollar transaction is only made to validate your card details. 

Many services need to validate the card beforehand so that when the actual transction is made in the future, it goes smoothly. If the ANV request to validate the card is declined then the merchant might ask you to add another card or choose a different payment option.

To keep it short, these transactions are very much legitimate. The function of such transactions is to ensure that your account is functioning properly. You do not need to panic if you see Visa Provisioning Service $0 in your transaction reports. 

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