Dedicated Team: What Is It and When Is It Used?

What is a Dedicated Team Model?

It is a tool for launching IT projects by means of hiring off-shore specialists. Such teams provide key-turn solutions including working-out of concept elements development, quality assurance, features improvement of IT products.

Dedicated Development Team vs Fixed Price Model 

As long as, such a dedicated project team become a part of your infrastructure, you stay in a charge of all the procedures and manage their activity via Scrum or other tools. When employing a team, you are billed for a certain amount each month. The fixed pricing is applied for not big projects which have a short duration. The contract determines the list of jobs to be done, parameters, stages, components, and time-limits. The fixed cost method is risky a bit due to complications of detecting the level of project implementation.

Signs That You Should Use Dedicated Team Model?

If you look for the experts to realize a project, consider the following advantages of the mentioned model:

  • Complex projects. The suggested model performs extremely officiant when it is about long-term, complicated tasks that can get through dozens of changes.
  • Long-term cooperation. Establishing a partnership with a vendor and team reveals indisputable benefits for your business.
  • Professionalism. Dedicated development company usually consist of full-fledged professionals that possess specific expertise and skills.
  • Control over execution. You as a client stay on top of the development processes keeping control of progress and developers’ performance. You are able to easily replace any specialists and extend the team.
  • Reduced costs. As the cost of teamwork is fixed, it is convenient to plan your budget.

Signs That You Should NOT Use Dedicated Team Model?

Like any other model of employing staff, the presented model has some disadvantages:

  • Short-period project. A dedicated Team perfectly matches long-term cooperation, while the short-term tasks are better to be implemented in another way.
  • Unclear Specifications. Consider that unless you got a complete tech specification of your future IT product, the developers can’t assure that the final result will comply with your expectations.  However, this disadvantage may justify itself in the case of experienced teams.
  • Lack of experienced project manager. With dedicated teams customers often act as project managers, however, if don’t possess the necessary skills this may lead to misunderstanding and bad deliverance instead.


The suggested tool is versatile and flexible, but its efficiency considerably depends on the project’s nature. Every outsourcing model has its benefits and costs. The flat fee model fits more well-organizes projects with characteristics and requirements. If you need specialized DEV, it’s better to choose a dedicated team model 8allocate. Study the risks for your business and choose a model that fits your company the best

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