A Few Ways to Maximize What You Get Out of Your Video Editor

If you’re willing to spend money on an advanced video editor, then you should be able to benefit from all of the advanced features that it comes included with. Using things like templates, transitions, and various video formats will allow you to maximize the quality of the videos that you create.

Even if you’re using something as simple as an online video editor, it’s likely that you’re not using it to its full potential to create stunning content. Whether you’re uploading your work to Youtube or if you’re just doing it for yourself, here are four of the top tips that go into creating quality media.

Don’t Forget to Edit Audio Tracks

When you’re using your video editor, it may seem a little counterintuitive, but you don’t only want to focus on videos. Take advantage of all of the tools you have available, including the ability to edit audio tracks since many video editors are effective at clipping and editing audio tracks.

A professional video editor should also share some of the same skills as an audio engineer. While you won’t need an encyclopedic knowledge of music and the devices used to record it. Even a baseline amount of knowledge about sound editing will allow you to bring your creative vision to the next level using a video editor.

Most video editors will allow you to easily add sound files and link them up to clips. You can also set up sound filters to distort the audio or even slow it down if you’re trying to create a dramatic effect. Always remember that video editing is a multidisciplinary skill set.

Take Advantage of Special Effects While Video Editing

Another thing that any video editor or content maker needs to master is the ability to use all of the special effects and animations at their disposal. Using select features, you’ll be able to create an advanced project that isn’t quite as intimidating as these tools may seem at first.

Like with anything else in video editing, you have to be willing to step into the deep end, and every new version of a video editor will implement newer, more advanced features. If you let yourself fall behind now, then it’ll be unlikely that you ever get an advanced degree of mastery over creating your content.

Keep in mind that there is plenty of support available for users that are looking to open up their video editing horizons. Most popular programs will have a thriving community that will be willing to answer any questions you have so that you can get the most out of the software you’re using.

Trim, Crop, and Split Your Clips

If you want to edit and publish video files effectively, you’ll also need to learn some of the basics of your video editor app. Some of the most essential functions that you’ll need to master include the ability to trim and crop your clip, as some files will have a different initial resolution that will have to be matched up.

Another thing you should be able to do is taking advantage of templates so that you can speed up the process of creating and uploading your content. Instead of having to manually recreate videos from scratch, effective use of templates will allow you to free up the mental bandwidth required to create stunning videos online.

Remember that even the best video editor will only be as effective as your ability to use it. Knowing when to change clips, add in photos, and apply other basic editing techniques will create a foundation that you can build off of to eventually take advantage of more advanced features.

Adjust the Zoom and Playback Speed of Your Clips

Intermediate features like adjusting the zoom level of individual clips and switching up the playback speed will allow you to create basic effects and animations by using your video editor. Even something simple like the ability to rotate a clip that you’re video editing can come in handy.

Keep in mind that free video editing software tends to have a few extra limitations when compared to quality paid versions. However, you can still work within these limitations and create a video file that will make you and the people who watch it proud of your skills as a video editor.

Everyone can benefit from the ability to implement a watermark and other background images that can be embedded into the video file. Finally, you can even incorporate a static image like a screenshot into a video if there’s something that you want to demonstrate to the people who watch it.


Video editing software can help you make videos for either social media or professional applications. Using these tips, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from the pack as a quality video editor.

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