Call of Duty: Warzone – How to Play Solos

Playing your games in a three-person team is cool. But playing solo has all the risks and threats you can imagine in Call of Duty Warzone. When you have a team supporting you, it’s easier to relax a bit in Verdansk. But when it’s you against 149 enemies, you must up your game with everything including cod warzone aimbot.

But before all the action and tactical defence and gunfights, you need to know how the game works. Having played Warzone with other people, is it hard to play solo, and how will it start and end?

Find the answer to the questions below.

How to play COD in solo mode

1. Jumping off the Plane

The game starts at the point when you and 149 players jump off the plane into Verdansk. If you want to start shooting, drop where others are dropping. But if you rather prepare your loadouts, drop away from them to avoid the guns.

The best way to avoid the fights from the beginning is to watch the spot where many players are dropping. You can identify this spot through the passenger count on your screen or by watching the smoke trails.

When you’ve noticed these spots, drop very far from the circle to enjoy a quiet landing and enough time to prepare before the attacks.

2. Fighting the enemies

Playing COD solo takes you through a journey of survival without friends or teammates. So, you need to kill as many as you can while protecting yourself. If you want to be at a tactical advantage for the kill, drop before others.

Target the landing in the circle to kill as many as will drop after you. You also have the option to follow the enemies to where they dropped for a fight-to-kill confrontation.

But when the battle gets tough, and there are many enemies fighting at once, try to escape or wait for the last man and take him out. It’s best to take the last player down than getting killed in the crossfire. Everyone is fighting for themselves and not doesn’t care for another person.

But more importantly, whenever you kill an Operator, don’t turn your back until you’re sure that he is dead. With a survival kit, the enemy might get up again and finish you off.

3. Utilizing the weapons 

The first weapon you’ll use at the start is your shotgun. It is the only defense you get against 149 enemies until you discover another one. So, make sure you master it and how not to waste your shots. While shooting at the enemies, target the heads to kill them faster. Also, use the shotgun when you’re targeting an enemy very close to you.

Also, make sure you find other important weapons such as the UAV, Heartbeat Monitor, Recon Drone, Self-Revive Kits, etc. These weapons will help you a lot during the game. For other tools that you need, visit the Buy Stations and buy them.

  • Searching for Loots & Contracts

After fighting the enemies a bit, it’s time to search for loots or contracts. The loots will equip you with more ways to defend yourself against others. If you get Ground loot or Supply Boxes, you’ll get advanced equipment and weapons to defend yourself.

Completing Contracts in the game will also equip you with some cash. You can complete a Recon contract or Bounty contract since everyone is on their own.

5. Use your Compass and Map

The Solo Mode is more demanding than playing with a team. This is why you need all the tools available in Verdansk. Your Compass and the Tac Map will expose your enemies and also help you to understand the circle better. 

6. Don’t die in the Gulag.

In this solo game, you can be captured and sent to the game prison called the “Gulag.” You have the chance to rejoin the game if you win the 1v1 gunfight. But if you die, you’re not redeploying to the game. That’s the end of the road for you. So no matter what, make sure you make it out alive to continue the game.


Winning the Solo mode is not for the feeble-minded players. It requires every tactical advantage, sharpness, and critical thinking. We’ve shown you how to play the game and the most important things to do. So, the ball is in your court.

However, you need strategies and your survival instincts since you have 149 enemies to kill. You also need to use your survival instinct in this game. Moreover, make sure that your weapons are complete and always make a headshot.

Also, don’t die in the Gulag, or you’re out of the game. But if you win the 1v1 fight, you can keep playing until you win.

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