Who Use Captcha-solving Services And For What

A captcha can be defined as a few letters, digits, and special characters that are imposed on an image. It usually plays the role of a confirmation code which needs to be typed in so that you can proceed with your intended action. The purpose of a captcha is to ensure that there is no automatic access to any online service. It is also instrumental in fighting against automatic programs, brute forcers, as well as spammers.

At the same time, captchas may prove to be a hurdle on some occasions. This includes situations when people, especially businessmen, need automatic access to sites for retrieving information. As a result, many captcha services have started providing users with robotic mechanisms to decrypt these captchas. This article shall delve into the kinds of consumers who usually make use of this service.

1. Services for automated data reception from registries

Information aggregators are extremely helpful when it comes to being notified about fines and using ITN to check the counterparty. It is also very convenient about obtaining a list of stores that sell the necessary item or finding restaurants amongst a list of hundred that provides coupons for discounts.

Some of these information aggregators can provide all the aforementioned information automatically, even though others do not. As a result, the aggregators have to pose as real users, which means that solving a captcha is imperative for these sites. Captcha-solving services have stated that a majority of domestic banks and other credit institutions have a built-in captcha-solving service, allowing them to create their own solutions.

One such service called 2Captcha can be used very simply as follows:

  1. You will have to send the captcha image to the server which shall provide you with a unique ID. This server must use your software interface.
  2. A free worker is assigned the task which is performed manually. There is also an option of solving a single captcha by multiple workers so that there is no scope of doubt remaining.
  3. You will have to send a request to get an answer. The server shall return a captcha recognition result as soon as it is prepped.

The employee usually gets 20 seconds to figure out the captcha. As a result, you get a lot of time to complete your task even if the captcha solving needs to be finished in less than a minute. 

2. Buyers on online sales

The purchasing of a ticket for any sports or cultural event is usually accompanied by confirmation in the form of entering a captcha. The same system is also encountered in the case of purchasing limited edition goods such as clothing or equipment.

The trick behind this is to ensure that resellers do not grab all the best offers, seconds after the initiation of the sale. This was witnessed in the case of Xiaomi by Aliexpress when the former was launching its new model. Aliexpress grabbed all the items in a few seconds and followed it up by selling them at a very high price.

However, the captcha implementation was not of much help since the captcha service workers of the resellers could enter the captcha manually in a matter of seconds. This means that if you have your eyes on some limited-edition item such as a pair of shoes from Adidas or Nike or if you are planning to buy tickets for a game on Ticketmaster, you will have to employ special software for this also known as bots.

Once the sale commences, these bots will book the ticket or the good for you and reserve it in the cart. These bots are helpful only because of the captcha-solving services they employ.

3. SEO specialists and SMM managers

SEO specialists usually parse the results of search engines so that they can check the effectiveness of the promotion. A captcha needs to be solved for performing all the requests individually. These requests can, in turn, run into the dozens or even hundreds in a single day. In such a situation, captcha-solving services such as 2Captcha have proven to be very helpful especially because of its low cost. The SEO specialists will not have to spend much even if the workload is tremendous. 

SMM managers also have to deal with captchas as a result of delayed posting or notifying subscribers and other similar activities. The SMM manager too has to enter almost a hundred captchas in a day if they want to work with multiple groups. Once again 2Captcha service can come to the rescue.

4. Spammers and brute forcers

These two refer to the most common types of cyber threats that can damage the system being used by people. In fact, the first-ever captcha was created to block the spammers. Eventually, they reduced their actions, once search engines stopped taking into account links from them as well as outrightly banning them. Spammers do not use captcha-solving services as it is not a profitable venture for them.

The second category of threat, the brute forces, refers to scammers who access the accounts of other people by retrieving their username and password. In every case of such actions where one is about to log in somewhere, they will be restricted plenty of times since they will have to enter a login ID and a password.

In such a situation, the scammer will not only have to type in the above two, but also solve a captcha. Since most people are unable to solve these complications, their illegal activities are detected immediately causing them to be banned promptly.

5. Blind people

As more visually impaired people have started using the Internet, the function of voice command to control the computers is more in vogue now. This refers to voice assistants such as Siri that can help them read the information. As a result of such functions, the visually impaired can communicate with their peers without much hassle.

At the same voice assistants such as Siri are not equipped to recognize captcha. This is where captcha-solving services come into play. For example, 2Captcha created a bot for the Telegram app which you can send as an image captcha to receive it in a text form that can be voiced by Siri.

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