Tips for Optimizing Animated Videos for Social Media Networks

Having a fantastic 2D & 3D animated video produced by a professional video production company like Spiel Studiosis just half the work. The animated video will have little impact if no one watches it at all.

You must now make sure your animated video is optimized for social media applications. Without social media optimization, you probably would find that not many people are watching the video, the interaction is poor, and the time to watch is short. But by making sure that every aspect of the 2D & 3D animated video is taken into account and optimized, you increase the likelihood that your video will perform in the way a 2D & 3D animated video is intended to work.

Optimize for Search

You should continuously optimize the search engine behind your head regardless of what your company is publishing. With social media platforms increasingly similar to search engines, optimization will make a difference if relevant users find your animated video.

Although the text and dialog in your video will not be searched, your title and descriptions will undoubtedly be shown in your animated video. Add keywords to help users locate their content on all channels and add related Twitter and Instagram hashtags to increase search results. YouTube also lets you tag your animated images, assisting users in finding their content.

Post A Native Video.

With social media videos booming in popularity, social media networks deliver native video uploads increasingly. While you may have previously posted 2D & 3D videos animated on YouTube and shared the connection on Facebook and Twitter, you can now directly move and drag videos to sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Statistics indicate that native animated videos are given priority in the Facebook algorithm and are better than non-native videos on most platforms. You may also use native videos for features on the platform, such as Facebook Videos. One exception is Pinterest, which has no native images. Conversely, Instagram does not allow shared links for ordinary posts (only native videos can be posted).

Add A Facebook Featured Video.

The video choice on Facebook is an excellent opportunity to show your 2D and 3D animated video to your visitors. Visitors first see some of your posts and the “About” section when they land on your Facebook business pages. They can also see a featured video that can be put underneath the profile and “people who like this page.”

You make a lasting first impression on your customers and guests using an animated video as your featured video. Overviews are fantastic, but your animated video featured will showcase a new product or tell a story that fits your audience. Click on the Videos tab on your profile to add a featured animated video to your page. Select the choice that says Video on Your Page Feature. Select your library video, press Enter, and you’re all set.

Add Subtitles.

Consider introducing substitutes if your animated video includes many talks or is built on a thorough description. Thus, there is no difficulty understanding even non-Mother speakers, and all audiences can easily follow the story. 

Subtitles enable viewers to watch the video without sound and still receive the necessary details so that people can play the accompanying sound in any situation. As a result, subtitles increase the number of people who can understand and see the video, thereby increasing the audience.

Execute Video Advertising.

You can share 2D & 3D animated video advertisements with specific audiences, including relevant users with whom your social media have not already linked. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have ad targets to increase video views and interaction. In comparison, the promoted pins from Pinterest do not have the objective of a video view, but you can enable a video pin to improve visibility.

Capture the Audience Attention Early.

In the first few seconds of your 2D & 3D animated video, it is essential to capture the attention of your audience. You have to catch the audience’s attention in the first 10 seconds (or less), or they are going to stop watching and move on. This means that you must be brief and get right from the beginning.

This is the place in which hooks come. Hooks are an integral part of the attention, so they justify why spectators should take care of or care about what they have to say. Until users can scroll away, you should position your hooks inside the first or second frame of the video.

Before running an ad campaign, you can test your animated videos on your present audience. If, after trying, you get positive results, you would most likely achieve positive results if the animated video is turned into a video ad campaign.

Keep It Within 2 Minutes.

Social media users rely on fast access to short format data that can be obtained within minutes; longer videos appear to be partially missed or overlooked. An animated video aims to make it captivating, entertaining, and enjoyable in a short space of time. 

If your animated video is too long, you will lose your audience and not get your message across. Try to keep your videos in less than 2 minutes. You can edit your animated video into smaller ‘mini’ videos and upload them separately.

No Sound Track

In reality, one study found that 85% of Facebook videos are soundless. You can still draw the interest of viewers even without audio. When your animated video plays in the background as consumer scrolls, it must be captivating visually.

Use contrasting, vibrant colours, choose the first picture for the frame that will be responded to by your fans, add your video captions, and don’t forget your hooks.

You should also be able to use 2D & 3D animated videos in your social media marketing. A third of all videos are being watched online. And with 90 percent of users reporting that product videos are beneficial for purchasing choices, your hat is in the social video ring.

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