Why Video Content is Important?

No matter who you are or what your goals are, if you’re looking for a greater share of web traffic online, you need video making software. The benefits of video marketing are long-established, but it appears some people still aren’t checking it out. Today, we’re going to take the time to look at why video is important. Let’s see…

Explain your product or service on your terms

Do you know what’s fantastic as a marketer? When people understand your brand. There really is nothing better. You can pay a fortune for an advertising campaign that leaves people wondering who you are, what you’re offering, and what’s so good about it.

You see these types of adverts all the time. They come with tag lines like, “We invest in ideas for the future”, or “We put people first because cleaner energy needs a different approach”. And you think great, OK, cool, sounds nice, but what have I just seen? They’re probably hucking car insurance, let’s face it. 

Don’t be one of those faceless nameless brands with a tagline that reads like something churned out by an online positivity generator. Video gives you the platform and the freedom to explain your products or services on your own terms. Tell the people what makes you different. They’re listening. And they’re willing to believe you if you get the message right. 

Videos are shareable across platforms (great ROI)

Write a magazine article once and share it in one magazine one time. Write a speech and deliver it to a single crowd once. Paint a picture and hang it in a gallery and benefit from the footfall that comes your way, in that one gallery, on the few days your work is on display. 

It’s all a bit hit and miss, isn’t it? That’s where video can help. Create a single video and benefit from sharing your content across multiple platforms. From your website to your blog and from social media to all the shares that your followers can bring, your one video can be shared and seen by countless people. This also limits your expenses (which can be seen in your ROI).  

It’s the most popular type of media (even without sound)

One report suggests that Facebook alone streams around 8 billion videos a day. That’s enough for one view for everyone on the planet, plus a couple of hundred thousand videos leftover in case anyone isn’t full yet. 

While that figure is outrageous, what’s more eye-popping (or brain-melting) is the fact that 85% of those 8 billion videos are viewed without sound. 

Now, that’s not too hard to understand. People are at work. They’re flicking on their devices at bus stops. They’re even taking their phones into the cubicle with them on their toilet breaks. Not everyone within a 10-meter radius needs to know you’re watching a 2x speed video of two men in a jungle building a pool from sticks and mud bricks. 

Video is out there, and your competition is on board. It’s time you caught up. 

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