How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

Data transfers are a little bit tricker for iOS users than it is for Android users. You can easily transfer your photos, videos, contacts, and documents from one Android to another Android phone but it’s not that simple with iPhone.

If you have been using WhatsApp on you can Android but would like to transfer it to your iPhone device then you must have known by now that there is no easy option. WhatsApp does not allow users to just directly transfer their account messages, files & media from Android to iPhone. This is mostly because of the restrictions applied by iOS.

However, don’t worry, there is one very easy way about this situation. Today we will see how to transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone without losing any of your messages, photos, videos, files, links or any other data.

Steps to Transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone

The method that we are using today to transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone requires us to use a very efficient software named – Wondershare MobileTrans. MobileTrans is an ingenious software that lets you easily trasfer data from one device to another. It is actually a wonderful iTunes alternative to iOS users without restrictions.

MobileTrans lets you manage, transfer, add, delete, modify your data, contacts, SMS, etc. on your Android or iOS device via a computer. Today it will help us to transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone as it supports direct transfer of Whatsapp data from one device to another.

Step 1: Download and Install MobileTrans on your PC. You can try its trial version at first. It is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Step 2: Launch the software on your PC. Connect your Android and iOS device to the PC.

At the dashboard, you will see the feature “WhatsApp Transfer”. Click on it.


Step 3: From the left sidebar, select the WhatsApp feature and click on “Transfer WhatsApp Messages” option. Other options are Backup WhatsApp messages, Restore to Device.


Step 4: MobileTrans will detect the devices and mark them as source and destination. If the placement is wrong then please use the flip button to reverse the roles.

transfer-whatsapp-android-to-ios step 4

Step 5: Now, everything is set. Click on the Start button at the bottom right corner. The software will start transferring WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone. If you were using Whatsapp on iPhone before then its data will be removed.

transfer complete

That’s it. Once the application stops, your transfer will be complete. You will get a notification and then you can safely remove the devices. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone. It will detect the new Whatsapp and restore it. MobileTrans also lets you create backup of your WhatsApp from iPhone to PC.

Check out this video for 3 easiest ways to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone.

Key Features of MobileTrans

MobileTrans lets you manage all the data on your device. Let us have a quick look at the key features of MobileTrans.

Phone Transfer

Transfer up to 17 kinds of data from your smartphone to PC or another smartphone easily. This includes photos, SMS, contacts, videos, GIF, documents, apps, music, notes, etc. The software supports over 8000 devices running on Android, iOS and Windows systems.

The data transfer is very safe. The software performs the transfer without resetting the devices or deleting/modifying the existing data.

WhatsApp Transfer

We just saw how easy it is to transfer WhatsApp from one device to another using MobileTrans. Not only for the transfer purpose but also for creating a backup or restoring a backup to the device.


This feature lets you create one-click backup of your Phone to your computer. It will back up the messages, photos, messages, contacts, apps, bookmarks, calendars, music, wallpapers and other types of data. Backups are helpful because they protect you from data loss and other hazards. It is important to create regular backups of your devices.


You can restore the backed up data to your phone in case of phone resetting, data damage, data loss or corruption. The software lets you restore your data either from iTunes or from your computer. This way you can also restore data from an old phone to the new phone

Final Words

MobileTrans is an efficient way to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone or vice-versa. MobileTrans is a very helpful software in data management and transfer. The interface is so easy and user-friendly that anyone can use it. It supports all the popular devices and offers a wonderful alternative to iTunes for iPhone users.

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