5 Things that You’ll Want to See from Your Thin Client OS

You might have heard of the term “thin client OS” before. It sounds like some new diet fad, but in actuality, a thin client in this context is a computer that runs on resources that it stores on a central computer rather than a localized hard drive, which is the other common methodology. Thin clients run by connecting remotely to server-based computing environments.

When they do so, they can access memory, shared data, and most applications. Why does this matter? Well, if you have a remote workforce, as so many companies do now because of the pandemic, the thin client OS makes a lot of sense for you.

In this article, we’ll go over a few of the things that you’ll want to see from a thin client operating system if you’re shopping for one.

The Organization Must Retain Full Management

Even though some vaccines are available now and life seems to be gradually returning to normal, many companies are likely going to retain their remote workforces. People love this model, and it saves many organizations money.

If your business plans to keep going with your thin client OS, you’ll want one over which your organization can maintain total control. In other words, you ought to be able to easily utilize it from anywhere in the world where you have workforce members. They should be able to access all the features from any workstation, and none of those features should ever be operating at less than full capacity.

This way, you can meet your goals with no delays. Some of your customers probably have time-sensitive projects that they want you to complete, and a reliable thin client operating system is how you can do that.

The OS Must Feature Robust Security Measures

If you have a remote workforce, that means they’re using devices like laptops, tablets, or desktops to do their work all over a city, state, or even in many different states. You might even have some overseas workers.

With such a widely distributed worker network, security is critical. You’ll want to check out what security measures the thin client operating system you’re looking at features. If they don’t have some of the latest and best ways to make sure that hackers cannot access your sensitive data, then you should probably look at another option.

It’s mostly endpoint security at which you’ll want to look since endpoints are usually the most vulnerable when you have a remote workforce.

You Want an OS that Can Interface with Many Different Industries

If you have a remote workforce now, your company might be a part of many different industries, such as healthcare, government, higher education, retail, finance, and many more. You want an operating system that will allow seamless integration, regardless of the industry in which you function.

Depending on what exactly your goals are or how you choose to get there, the OS you use should have features that can help your workers in very specific ways. If you notice that most of the tools the OS features are not that compatible with what you’re trying to accomplish or your everyday worker’s tasks, you should find a better option.

It Should Have Excellent Technology Integrations

You’re also looking for versatility with these operating systems. For instance, you want one that features dozens of technology integrations, so you can use the tools you already love when you teach your workers to utilize this new software suite.

You might have a DaaS or a SaaS model, or maybe you’re using VDI platforms. Whatever serves your needs best, the operating system you use should have no trouble integrating with your existing toolset, and it should feature some new ones to make your workers’ lives easier.

The Price Should Be Right

Finally, you should locate and use one that isn’t too expensive for you. There’s a wide price range with these operating systems, usually depending on how extensive the tool selection is and its versatility. More expensive ones should provide more, while cheaper ones will be more stripped down.

You’ll need to make sure that there’s room for the one you want in your operating budget. Keep in mind, though, that you can usually write off these software suites since they’re vital parts of your business. That can certainly save you some cash at tax time.

Shop around for the right thin client OS, and your workers will definitely thank you for it.

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