What is the Difference Between Distilled Water and Purified Water?


Is distilled water different from Purified water? What is the primary purpose of distilling water? Can we drink distilled water? Is purified water as efficient as Distilled water? If all these questions continue to keep popping in your mind, then here is an article for you. In this article, we will tell you about the difference when we talk about distilled water and purified water. Keep reading to know more.

What is distilled water? 

Distilled water is a form of water that is entirely free of any impurity. It is formed by a process called distillation. In this process, water is boiled and further vaporized. Further, this vapour is condensed in different containers to obtain distilled water. Distilled water finds its usage in machines and stuff, and it is not the best form of water for human consumption.

What is purified water?

Purified water is a form of water obtained after mechanically purifying tap water or processing it through water purifiers. Purified water does contain a lot of added murals and salts, which can be essential for the human body. It is the most general form of water suitable for use.

Drinking Distilled Water! Risk?

This is a matter of controversy. As we mentioned above, Distilled water is obtained by a specific process in which companies manufacturing it removes impurities and all the added compliments in water. You must have read in your basic science classes that water has no taste, colour or shape. Yet have you noticed a taste that you get while drinking purified water or tap water? This taste comes from the added salts in water. Distilled water is free of these salts, so you won’t get even a hint of taste in this kind of water.

Many scientists claim that Distilled water could help your body to detoxify, and further this can be very beneficial for the human skin, whereas on the other there are claims that distilled water can wipe out the minerals from your body and could be a risk factor for your health. However, there is no specific proof of any of these claims.

Distilled water vs Purified water

Comparing them is a tricky task as both these forms are somehow not the normal and natural water. Distilled water is free of impurities of any type, whereas purified water is a kind of water that has especially added impurities that can prove to be healthy for the normal function of the human system. 

Let’s talk of distilled water first!


If you live in a region that has tap water unfit for consumption, like if your tap water is too rich in fluoride and such harmful minerals, then distilled water is far better a good option for your consumption. 


Distilled water is completely devoid of any impunity. It means that the water doesn’t have a proper osmolality balance. This fact makes it hard to store Distilled water. Anything that comes in contact with distilled water will act as a source of minerals for it. That means if you store it in a plastic container for a longer period of time, this water can absorb all the minerals and constituent particles from the plastic containing it.

Even at the time of consumption, body structure like teeth and others could be a good source of minerals of Distilled water, and hence it can erode all the minerals constituents of such parts on your body.

Purified Water


Purified water is suited for drinking. One should know that purified water can be obtained by various processes such as Reverse osmosis and more. It has mineral content, and companies like Lesso Water purifier provide easy solutions for adding up good and healthy minerals to your water. They help you get the proper solution to obtain the highest quality drinking water via their purifiers. Visit lesso.com for more details.

At last purified water is the best for drinking.


Purified water can make your body very much restricted to the type of water you can consume. The level of added salts and minerals that you consume from your water purifier might not be the same everywhere. Hence travelling to different places becomes miserable for some people as different water quality can make them ill. 


At last, one can say that both types of water have their own advantages and disadvantages. Purified water is always better for human consumption, whereas Distilled water, being the purest form of water, has a number of uses in other sectors. If you are looking to buy a good quality and long lasting water purifier, then make sure to check Lesso water purifier out, as they have some exceptional quality products. 

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