How PriceBlink Helps you Find Great Discounts Online for FREE

Getting the best deal on the internet is no easy feat – and the shopaholic in you already knows that. However, saving money has a charm none of us can ignore. And, I mean, why should we, for who doesn’t want to save money and who doesn’t deserve great savings?

Everyone does – you’re right, and so that you’re not missing out on the great fortune of online discounts, we are here to let you in on our big secret. If you have been piling up your wish list, and it keeps increasing faster than you can earn – well, you’re not the only one. Been there, done that. What if there existed a browser add-on that not only let you get the best prices on any given day but also alerted you each time there was a great deal? You’re in luck – for that app and browser add-on exists. PriceBlink is the name, and if you’re still not using it, it is quite a shame. 

How does PriceBlink work? 

It isn’t rocket science. Let’s start with that. 

If you’re someone who is also skeptical about using plug-ins for they affect your performance, let us convince you otherwise. PriceBlink’s benefits outweigh the minimal performance hit you’d receive. PriceBlink is compatible with Chrome and Firefox, and once you’ve installed it, you go about shopping like you do normally. 

Once you’re viewing a product, that’s where PriceBlink’s magic comes into the picture. PriceBlink shows you if you can find a better deal somewhere else. In any case, it compares prices for you so that you don’t have to go through the daily hassle of checking a number of websites and see where you can get a better deal. PriceBlink brings the best deal to your fingertips, even without you knowing. The Compare Prices drop down of PriceBlink shows you the number of buying options, with taxes and shipping included – so that you have access to all the information all at once – to make a decision. 

PriceBlink Extension

Install the PriceBlink extension for Chrome. Enable it on your Google Chrome browser. That’s it.

Now, every time you visit any online shopping website the enabled Priceblink extension will start working. It will compare the price of that same product across other eCommerce websites and show you the price comparison details. You can see the different prices of that same product and get the best deal for yourself. Priceblink app is also available for smartphones.

PriceBlink has many magic tricks

PriceBlink service has upgraded its algorithm so that when it is comparing a product, it is comparing the product in the same condition. You don’t want to see a previous listed price, and then go to the website and be disappointed, right? Well, PriceBlink does not want that either – so they are always up-to-date with the information. 

Another magic trick PriceBlink hidden under its sleeve is when it lets you find the best coupon codes easily. It will not automatically put these coupon codes, or automatically apply them – unlike some other websites. You might have to open a couple of additional tabs so that you get the code, and then you apply it separately. 

PriceBlink & Privacy Concerns

You’d be delighted to know that PriceBlink does not store any of your information, or share it with their vendors, partners or resources. This is a huge thing in the world of online privacy and security and we send our best regards to PriceBlink for prioritizing their user’s privacy. 

The PriceBlink FAQ page says, “PriceBlink does not collect or store any personally identifiable information” – Hence, now you can put your wildest nightmares about privacy to rest, and use PriceBlink for it is a very useful shopping tool and we cannot deny. 

PriceBlink saves you time 

Why go through the hassle of doing the comparisons on every individual shopping site by yourself? If anything, to do that for every product you buy – means investing a load of time every day. Time is money, and it is the truth. PriceBlink does all the work for you so that you save the time you would have otherwise invested researching, going through websites and their products, and sweating over every little detail. You would also be required to keep a list for convenience or you would keep forgetting the details, and you would be stuck going back in circles, spending more time and it would have become an endless loop for you. 

PriceBlink takes all the information, makes it concise and easy to digest and brings it to your fingertips so that you save all the time, and money. It goes through 11,000 merchants and popular stores like Amazon, Target, eBay and Flipkart are all available on PriceBlink’s database. 

PriceBlink: The shopping game-changer

We are not saying it. The top market veterans are. Who, you ask? Well, PriceBlink has been recommended by top industry experts and market players like USA Today, NBC’s Today Show, LifeHacker’s Top 10 and CBS news. Besides, it has more than a million reviews on Amazon with five star ratings, indicating its effectiveness and efficacy all the way through. 

priceblink price comparision

PriceBlink is here to revolutionize the way we shop. It exposes all the market’s best kept secrets, and brings to us deals that would have been difficult to find otherwise. PriceBlink, as a plug-in, is not going to bother you ever. When we say that, we mean its presence or prominence is practically zero when you’re not shopping. It stays hidden. It is safe to say it stays asleep, and only awakes when the shopaholic in you awakes. Even CBS called PriceBlink the best kept shopping secret. It is the miracle you need, online shoppers. 

PriceBlink’s your Shopping Assistant

PriceBlink is basically your personal shopping assistant – your real friend in need – and in deed. You can shop with confidence, knowing that you have PriceBlink who has your back and won’t bail you out. Your wish list can finally be moved to the cart – and you can press buy now. Satiate the shopaholic in you, for what is life if not shopping from the comfort of your couch? 

With PriceBlink, say goodbye to your shopping woes – and stop bothering about the bucks you spend online. But, hey we don’t suggest go all out and irresponsible with your shopping. All we are saying is PriceBlink is going to make sure you don’t go bankrupt for the best deals are really better than anything you’d ever get. 

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