How to Build Minecraft Windmill Step By Step | Everything About Windmill in Minecraft

Building something is an art. It takes skills to pick the right detail density and symmetry so that eyes can be drawn towards the key features of the creation. Minecraft has gifted people that power in so many ways. Children and adults are hooked to the concept of creating a world of their own. You can do that by choosing the easy or hardcore survival mode, where there will be challenges along the way which you will have to overcome and make it to the next day. Or, you could choose the creative mode that allows you to unleash the artist inside you and explore the land of Minecraft. You can freely build, and create timeless masterpieces like lighthouses, smoker or a bridge with the right materials and designs. 

One of the trickier, yet easier things to construct in Minecraft is Minecraft windmills. They look great on your base and add a touch of grace to your farm. Your landscape is enriched by the imposing height. Moreover, it can make any basic farm village appear more authentic.

Structure of Minecraft Windmill

There is a very Minecraft windmill design that you must follow – A large, round base or bottom with a narrower top with blades. It is known to people who have or have not been on the game that Minecraft is a game particularly made up of block-like structures. So, a round base may be a difficult task, to begin with. But with a determination to bring your imaginations to life, nothing is impossible for long. 

With most of these Minecraft builds, you must have patience with adequate time on your hands. Perfection is achieved with perseverance and precision. None of it can be achieved if you are in a hurry or impatient. The aim is to mimic the real-life version of windmills. However, just like the base, building the narrower top can also prove to be a bit risky. The blades of a Minecraft windmill are probably the trickiest part of the structure, along with being the most majestic.

Highlight of Minecraft Windmill: Blades

Buildings have certain aspects that make them noticeable and attractive. Such points must be paid attention to so that they can gain more popularity or look more charming. In the case of a Minecraft windmill, its blades are the highlight. They make or break the look of the construction and eventually complete it. Could you imagine a windmill without blades?

Generally, there are three kinds of blades that you can craft in Minecraft windmills –

  1. Straight blades: The easiest type of blades to create are straight blades. If you plan on having a single Minecraft windmill on your base with the minimum hassle, this is the one for you. You can place some wool in straight lines and throw in fences at their sides to create the farm look. However, if your idea is to have a party of windmills together, it may fall short of that charm and look plain.
  2. Diagonal blades: Another easy, yet interesting type of Minecraft windmill blades is diagonal blades. They often give a better look than the straight blades. Wool and wooden planks diagonally set with fences placed in between each diagonal space will give a dynamic look to your Minecraft windmill. They look great individually as well as in groups. These will help you make Minecraft medieval windmill.
  3. “Turning” blades: Do not be deceived by the name. Turning blades noticeably will not turn, but their shape will give you the closest resemblance to it. They are by far the most constructively made. It gives the best look to Minecraft windmills out of all three blades, but not surprisingly, it is a complicated build. You can start by crafting four-quarter circles from the middle. From there, you can alter the usual round shape a bit by making the tips less round and a bit longer. It consists of the same materials used in diagonal blades – Wool, wooden planks, and fences. The chief step is to add extra wool layers and make it appear more dynamic by removing or adding wool so that it can be shorter or longer than the wooden planks and fences.

Minecraft medieval windmill

How to craft Minecraft Windmills

Now that you have an idea about the structure and highlight of Minecraft windmills, it is time that you know how to build one yourself in Creative mode using this Minecraft windmill tutorial. 

Materials needed for a Minecraft Windmill

  • Cobblestone/Mossy cobblestone
  • Spruce logs
  • Spruce planks
  • Spruce slabs
  • Spruce fences
  • White wool

Step by step guide for Minecraft Windmill

  • You should start off by selecting a proper place for your Minecraft windmill. 
  • Then, begin the build by placing cobblestones on the ground to slowly form an outline of a circle-like shape. It does not and cannot be a perfect circle, so try your best! You can go for a mixed look by adding spruce logs alternatingly. 
  • Place spruce planks within the base formed.
  • Keep placing cobblestones over the created outline until you reach the appropriate height for your base. Leave appropriate spaces for doors and windows as per your choice.
  • Build a platform on top of the base using spruce slabs. It will act as the second base over which the higher platforms or the top will be built. 
  • Create the desired number of bases and platforms over it by simply creating tall layers and decreasing the length and width each time. 
  • For the top, you must build a consistent cuboid for the blades to be set on one side. You can either go for a roof setting or dome-like shape.
  • Place horizontal spruce logs in the middle of one side of the cuboid and extend.
  • Now, choose and create your choice of blades from above.

The construction of your Minecraft windmill is complete. You can use different materials to further enhance the look of your Minecraft windmill, but it all depends on the vision you have for it. 

Fancy Minecraft Windmills

Here are the names of some Minecraft windmills that are extraordinarily built:

  • Medieval Minecraft windmill
  • Fantasy village Minecraft windmill
  • Huge wooden Minecraft windmill
  • Feudal age Minecraft windmill
  • Nordic Minecraft windmill

Minecraft is a platform for imagination and creative magic. Those who have indulged in its beauty know the gratification that comes with it. Minecraft windmills are one of its showcased wonders that can take your breath away. So, go on and build your own today!

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