Hailey Bieber Swears By This 15-Minute Skincare Ritual for Glowing Skin

When Hailey Bieber announced that she’d recently launched an official YouTube channel, we knew it would be good. In addition to being a major fashion girl, the 24-year-old model is an outspoken beauty enthusiast, and we had high hopes she’d be using this new platform to drop some hair, makeup, and skincare gems on us like the ones she’s shared previously via Instagram and in plenty of interviews. Well, the channel is up and running, and for her third installment, Mrs. Bieber decided to give us the gift of laying out the entire morning skincare routine she carries out to prep her skin for work. Yes, you read that right! Bieber published a seven-minute video filmed in what appeared to be her own gigantic, gorgeous bathroom, giving us an exclusive step-by-step breakdown of the products and practices that keep her skin glowing and radiant.

A little longer than her usual morning routine of cleanser, hydration, and sunscreen, this extended ritual takes about 15 minutes, according to Bieber. Want to know more? Keep scrolling for a full recap of the indulgent morning routine Bieber swears by for glowing skin along with her personal product picks and a few extra tidbits along the way. Cheers to perfect skin.

You might not think of face masks as a morning skincare staple, but Bieber said that it’s a step she doesn’t skip when she wants to set the stage for radiant skin. “I wouldn’t do a mask every single day, obviously, but when I want a little bit of an extra glow, I go for a nice calming, hydrating mask,” she explained while massaging her favorite Biologique Recherche mask into her skin.

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Another trick the model uses to help wake up sleepy eyes? These gold eye masks! She applied these under-eye masks right on top of her hydrating face mask to help bring even more life to her eye area. She explained that she lets both products sit on her skin for up to 10 minutes.

For those mornings when her eyes are extra puffy, Bieber likes to run a vibrating beauty bar over the tops of her under-eye masks using long, sweeping motions from the inner corner of the eye and out for about a minute per side. “I love facial tools; I’m obsessed with them. Give me any facial tool. I’ll try anything,” she said. 

The next step took us by surprise. Instead of simply rinsing off the dried mask with water, Bieber likes to wash it off with a cream cleanser. “I don’t necessarily think you need to rinse a mask off with a cleanser, [but] I like to so there’s just nothing excess left on my skin,” she said. The key here, she explained, is going in with a gentle cream cleanser, as opposed to a foaming one that could leave the skin feeling overly dry or tight. She uses this as yet another opportunity to give her face a good massage as she works the cleanser in.

Mrs. Bieber really, really, really (her words!) loves her peptides. With skin that’s still slightly damp, she likes to apply a peptide serum to lock in hydration. “I think that it’s one of the best ingredients to use. It’s one of my favorite ingredients,” she said about the amino acids known to strengthen the skin. She also called out niacinamide and hyaluronic acid as a couple more ingredients she loves.

While many might consider moisturizer a must for their morning routines, Bieber said she can typically go without it. She explained that she would normally head straight in with sunscreen, but since she was after a healthy glow for a long day ahead, a little moisturizer was added for good measure. While she didn’t mention the exact one she decided to use, we think this luxe option from Biba Los Angeles, the same brand responsible for her beloved peptide serum, is a wonderful option to consider.

Up next, Bieber taps “the tiniest, tiniest bit” of face oil on top of her moisturizer to further encourage that supple, glowy look. “I always try to be really careful when I’m talking about oils or recommending oils for the skin because it doesn’t work for everybody,” she clarified. But for her purposes, a light press of oil is a great step to prime her skin for the massage she likes to carry out next.

Yes, another massage! While her face is still slick from her oil, Bieber likes to use this pulsating facial device developed by celebrity skincare guru Shani Darden. “I really love this device. I gifted it to a lot of people for Christmas this year just because I think they’re fun to try and mess around with,” she said. On top of stimulating blood flow in her skin, Bieber says it helps relax her jaw, which is often sore in the mornings from clenching her teeth in her sleep.

Of all the steps laid out here, Bieber considers this one the most important. “I am very big on SPF,” she said. “I don’t leave the house without it; I don’t go to work without it. Even if I’m just working from home and I’m inside the house, the sun rays still hit you through the windows.” Bieber says she uses a full pump of this beloved formula, paying special attention to the oft-neglected neck and eyelids.

Et voilà! Glowy, radiant skin primed and ready to take on whatever the day may bring.

Bieber has mentioned her love of this cult-favorite serum in an interview or two.

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