Why You Really Need to Get a VPN?

If you know a thing or two about internet privacy, you would know that there’s no perfect protection or shield. The closest you can go towards securing your internet privacy and security is in the form of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) – well if you’re wondering how it works, let us guide you. Many individuals think a VPN is only as good as it is to change your location settings, and hide your IP address – but there’s more to a VPN than that. 

The most important question people ask these days in spite of the overwhelming popularity and prominence of VPNs and their benefits is whether a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is worth it, at all? Well, to answer your question – it is worth an investment and it is worth the price, for the simple reason that it makes you almost anonymous on the internet, and it routes traffic through a multiplicity of servers while encrypting it on every way hence saving you from the prying eyes of hackers and people with malicious intent – if you opt for a free VPN service, it goes without saying that the protection won’t be maximum secure but if you go for a service that’s premium and well known, you can ensure that your online activity cannot be tracked and you are actually maneuvering through the internet securely. 

Your privacy is important – and you know that, but what can you do to ensure your privacy stays yours, and is not encroached upon? Well, a VPN is the answer to your woes – this is just one benefit of a VPN and here are the top 5 reasons why you need to invest in a VPN: 

VPN provides extremely convenient Remote Access

If you’re someone who is travelling a lot for work, and needs to go around quite a bit – you can use a VPN which will let you use the same websites of your home country, without any geo restrictions. You can continue to work from wherever you would like and whenever you would like – hence that would increase your productivity by lengths and breadths.

Most importantly, when you are travelling and you’re using a lot of different network connections, it is important that you have safety in accessing the internet – or else you would lose important data and lose them into the wrong hands. 

VPN protects your privacy

Privacy has become a joke, of late, and you know it well too – from the recent data logging incidents being reported or to the Snowden spying case which said governments collect and track your data whenever and wherever they would prefer. Hence, it is essential that you protect yourself, even when your internet service provider can see what you’re doing on the internet, and when you connect to a VPN, your IP address is shifted to that of a remote IP address, which masks your real identity and ensures there’s a safe tunnel between the websites you visit and you.

With a robust VPN, it is not possible for anyone to snoop into your online activity or keep an eye on what you’re doing on the internet. You will need to choose different protocols and tailor your VPN services, so that you can balance the things like privacy and connection speed. Compare the features of popular VPN services at PrivacySharks VPN, and select the one that checks all the boxes for you.

VPN ensures added security

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of Virtual Private Network (VPN)s, you must know that these guys encrypt your internet connection – and well, it implies, that every piece of information you share or you upload/download while you’re connected to a secure VPN service, is protected and won’t fall into the wrong hands. It is very useful if you’re someone who connects to public local networks, like WiFis, as it protects your sensitive information – and ensures no one is stealing your confidential private or financial information.

However, you must understand a VPN cannot do everything. If you’re wondering what we mean by that, it is probably something like this: a VPN can do nothing about malware. So, if you’re concerned about malicious attacks on your system, you must choose a robust and strong malware application that would do the needful and protect you from malicious attacks. 

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VPN helps you fight censorships and bypass restrictions

It so happens that some governments and regimes have some websites banned, in certain locations for political, ethical or other reasons – if you don’t want to operate under the schema of unethical censorship in a world where information should be free and accessible to one and all, you can shift to a VPN service that would help you bypass these geographical restrictions with ease.

Watch the superbowl, or take advantages of streaming platforms that do not have connections in your country yet by using a simple VPN. Besides, some countries have banned adult connect – and such censorship is very unethical. You can bypass these attempts to censor good content by authorities by using a VPN simply, and enjoy. 

VPN helps you save money

Yes, you heard it right – if you invest in a Virtual Private Network, you’re actually saving a lot of money in the future, and so a VPN is a smart investment in more ways than one. Let us explain this. Different countries and different regions have different prices for the same air tickets or other goods – so if you’re shopping from a particular location, your internet service provider tracks that and shows you the highest price.

This practice in the cyber world is called dynamic pricing, and well there’s a simple way to bypass it – using a VPN you are masking your real identity, as well as your IP address and real geographical location – so you’re unlikely to buy products and services that would cost you more money than you need to be paying. If you need to travel to Europe, and you’re situated in US, the tickets will be cheaper if you buy it while your IP address is in Europe – and well, we are not kidding and you can check it for yourself. Besides, do proper research and compare prices, so that you can help yourself to save money. 

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