Can’t Comment On Facebook? Here Is Why It Happens & How to Fix it

Facebook is the biggest platform where we connect with our friends and other people all over the world. It is the most popular website among all social media sites. You can share your photos, videos, statuses, and stories on your Facebook account.

Not only for entertainment purposes but you can even share your work, make pages of your website, etc. on Facebook to promote it. We can not only share our stuff on Facebook but can also view, like, and comment on other users’ posts. Such as, you can appreciate pictures of your friends by commenting something or sharing your opinion.

But sometimes people face issues while commenting on Facebook. Many users reported that they can’t comment on Facebook. If you too are facing the same problem then this article is just for you as I have explained why you can’t comment on Facebook and how to solve this problem. Let’s have a look.

Reasons Why You Can’t Comment On Facebook

I.You Have Been Blocked

The first reason why you are not able to comment on Facebook is that you have been blocked by Facebook. Yes, Facebook can block you if you don’t follow the rules or violate any rule of the Facebook privacy policy. In some scenarios, Facebook can also put you in Facebook Jail.

You may have broken some rules knowingly or unintentionally due to which Facebook might have blocked you. Now there are some reasons for which Facebook blocks people from commenting on posts. Below are the major reasons used by Facebook to block its users from commenting.

Commenting the same thing repeatedly

The first reason why Facebook blocked you is that you may have commented the same thing repeatedly. If you post the same comment multiple times then Facebook users report it as a spam comment, therefore Facebook blocks you whenever you do it. If you are reported by a lot of Facebook users, Facebook will surely block you.

Abuse someone or community

Another reason for being blocked by Facebook is that you may have commented on something that went against an individual or a community and they reported you. If you comment on something that violates the privacy of a person that user will surely report and ask other people to do the same.

Same way if you comment against any community or about something political, religious, etc, that could potentially hurt the sentiments of a group of people then they would report you, and Facebook will block you from commenting ASAP.

Can't Comment On Facebook

So, if you have done any of the above things then Facebook definitely has blocked and hence you can’t comment on Facebook.

II. Technical Error

Another reason for not being able to comment on Facebook is that Facebook is having some technical error. So, there is nothing you can do as Facebook itself will solve it.

They might be updating something or the system might experience a server down issue. If this is the case then ask your friends if they also can’t comment on Facebook. If this is the reason due to which you can’t comment on Facebook then simply don’t do anything and wait for Facebook to resolve the issue itself. It usually doesn’t take much long.

Can’t Comment On Facebook? Different Ways To Fix It

Doesn’t matter why you can’t comment on Facebook or whatever the reason is, you can try out somethings that I have mentioned below. These are small fixes that you can consider when you can’t comment on Facebook. Let’s have a look.

Appeal To Facebook

If the reason behind the problem is you being blocked by Facebook then the thing you have to do is to appeal to Facebook to unblock you from commenting. For the same, you can contact Facebook by customer care through email or other means, simply explain them your issue and they will come up with a solution for sure. So, you need to fill an appeal form for the same and wait for Facebook to reply you and take action regarding your issue.

Log out of Facebook

If the problem is in the app or any technical error then simply log out of the app for some time. Logging out of Facebook for a while may also fix your issue if it’s a technical one.

Clear Cookies & Cache

You can also clear cookies and cache from your app or browser. This will reset the browser/app and remove the bug if it is saved in cookies and cache. If you are using the application, then you can go to the phone’s settings and then the Facebook app. After that, you will see the cache clear option, simply tap on it to clear the cache. Then log in again to see if you still can’t comment on Facebook or the issue is solved.

You may also try logging in through the incognito mode of your browser.

Update App

If you are not using the updated version of Facebook app then also you may face issues while using Facebook. So, you need to go to the Play Store or App Store to check whether your Facebook as is updated or not. If not then update it first and log in again to your Facebook account.

Uninstall & Reinstall

You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook app. Doing the same sometimes fixes any bug that is causing the problem. So, reinstalling the Facebook app might solve the issue.

These were some reasons why you can’t comment on Facebook. And some of the methods for solving the issue.

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