Steps for Air Conditioning Maintenance

Property owners manage their heating and cooling units to keep their property at a comfortable temperature all year long. When it comes to the air conditioning unit, seasonal cleaning services are the most important services to schedule before starting the unit. Technicians complete a variety of maintenance services to prevent system failures and an interruption in services. Air conditioning is vital for property owners especially during the hottest months of summer, and if they do not maintain the systems, issues will arise. Property owners review all the steps for air conditioning maintenance to determine what must be done to prevent air conditioning issues this summer.

Seek the Assistance of a Professional

A professional HVAC service provider knows all too well all the maintenance steps for air conditioning systems. They can provide all these maintenance steps according to the manufacturer’s specifications for maintenance in the warranty. Professional services can prevent the property owner from voiding the warranty for their cooling system. Property owners that need to set up maintenance services can visit Aquarius Home Services right now.

Remove Debris from the Interior and Exterior Units

Both the interior and exterior units of the air conditioning unit must be cleaned each season to ensure that the system operates properly. The exterior unit will have debris such as leaves, dirt, and other debt from trees inside it, and these substances must be removed from the unit completely. The interior unit will collect dirt, dust, and pet hair, and all the participles must be removed to prevent blockages that prevent cold air from flowing through the property as expected.

Use Proper Cleaning Products for the Fins

It is important to remove all debris and dirt from the fins with the right cleaning products, and professional HVAC specialists have great products for removing the seasonal debris from the unit properly. They can spray on the cleaning solution and wash it away after all debris is removed properly. They complete the cleaning process for the interior and exterior units. The fins shouldn’t have any signs of debris after the cleaning process. If there are significant signs of rust, the component must be replaced to restore proper services.

Straighten All Bent Fins

By straightening all the bent fins, the technician ensures that the cooling system will radiate cold air properly and distribute it through the property and keep it at a comfortable temperature throughout the entire summer. If the fins break while the technician tries to straighten them, the fins must be replaced.

The technicians will test the air conditioning system and ensure that the unit performs as expected. If the fins are too damaged, the components will need to be replaced. While some repairs are possible, significant signs of wear and tear require a complete replacement to ensure high-quality cooling for the property owner.

fixing air conditioner

Clean the Space Around the Outside of the Units

The space around the air conditioning units must be cleaned properly to prevent more debris from getting sucked up into the units. The property owner will need to sweep or vacuum the space around the interior unit to prevent debris from causing a blockage.

The technicians move leaves and other debris that has collected around the exterior unit. Underbrush, leaves, and pine straw are likely culprits for causing a blockage in the exterior unit. Raking these items away from the exterior unit and keeping bushes trimmed helps the property owner maintain the units properly. The technician will also evaluate the exterior unit and ensure that it is level to prevent damage to any components.

Use Products to Remove Debris from the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil must be cleaned properly with cleaning products that do not promote rust and expel debris from the component. When cleaning it, the technicians will treat it with products that keep it cleaner longer and prevent blockages in the unit. It is vital to prevent a blockage since the evaporator coil can freeze up if a blockage occurs. As it thaws out, the excessive moisture increases the risk of rust and corrosion on the competent. Mold is a likely development if moisture gets inside the unit, too.

Remove Clogs from Evaporator Drains

Evaporator drains often become clogged and present a greater risk of mold and mildew inside the unit and the ventilation systems. When completing maintenance steps, the technicians clean out the evaporator drains and remove all debris that may cause a clog and prevent the air conditioning unit from working properly.

If mold or mildew develops in the unit, the technicians will complete remediation services and remove the substances from the unit. If they have traveled to other spaces in the home, the property owner will need to set up additional services and file a claim through their homeowner’s insurance policy.

Replace the Air Filters

Air filters collect dirt and dust while the air conditioning unit is working and prevent the substances from traveling throughout the home and into the ventilation system. The technicians replace the air filters and ensure that the unit doesn’t become clogged because of debris. They may recommend installing an air cleaner to address a higher volume of dust and particles in the air. If the property owner has a pet, they should change out the air filter more frequently to prevent the pet hair from clogging the unit and preventing it from operating properly. Technicians will complete maintenance services for all connecting fixtures, too.

Property owners need air conditioning units to keep their homes cooler throughout the summer, and they need to complete vital maintenance steps to prevent conditions that prevent the unit from operating as expected. When addressing problems with the air conditioning unit, the technicians must clean out the unit first and ensure that the interior and exterior units are cleaned properly. They will address all components inside the units and prevent debris from accumulating inside the units. This prevents blockages that affect how the systems operate and how well they generate cool air. Property owners need to set up maintenance services before the season begins to get the most benefits.

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