Why User Engagement is Crucial for Mobile App Developers

One thing that goes directly to the success of mobile apps is user engagement, and that is obviously the most common reason why classic games and apps have remained in vogue, and stood the test of time. If you want long-term growth in your business, you cannot proceed without technology these days, or having your users engaged to the content you create, or intriguing an interest in your product and services. 

Take it from the classic games

Some old-school apps that have remained relevant, and stood the test of time, are classic games. The top three names are Angry Birds, developed by Rovio Entertainment in 2009, Tetris, developed in 1984 and Candy Crush Saga, developed little later than the others only in 2012, by King. These figures have been charted out and discovered by expert analysts at betway who also recommend latest betting games that take the world by fire. 

The reason Tetris continues to rule the hearts and minds of gamers all across the globe since 1984 and has been termed as an insanely addictive puzzle game is because of the user engagement it provides. The platform, though old and the graphics, though ancient and out of data, in comparison to the new games coming out every day powered with AI and VR is no match in terms of global searches to the new games. It has the record highest google searches of 3,100,000 on a monthly basis and no new game seems to be toppling this record, forget surpassing this! 

Closely followed is Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga, and then one cannot help but notice user engagement is again key to user retention. That’s how these games have remained to stay afloat, through the times. 

With the success of games like Ludo or Chess in 2020, and with the increase in mobile gaming, one can safely assume it has to do with user engagement – which mobile app developers manage to implement and use it for their purposes, and which do not! 

The strategies, the balance

Most video games know it, and they tread a fine line between presenting you with a challenge and the ease of mastery to keep you interested and intrigued to play it. If it is too easy, you’ll probably figure too soon and bounce to a game that tickles the last two of your grey cells. Whereas, if it is too hard, you or challenging and takes days to level up, you’ll also bounce and find something which lets you enjoy and savour small wins at the end of the day. The best mobile game developers weave this balance perfectly into games, and this is how user engagement is created and implemented. 

For this, they use micro challenges which are more of training ventures, training you for the finale or the top level. There are also more main challenges, like winning awards, finding better teams and so on! Also, weaved in these challenges to keep you going and to keep gamers playing is hidden a long-term challenge that lets you be the best gamer of the tournament or the release. This is a strategy of user engagement that goes a long way in keeping users engaged constantly and consistently with the game, on a more regular basis.

Other app developers must look and learn the strategies and the fine balance required to implement a sensitive thing like user engagement in today’s modern world where every minute, a new app is being released. To hold one’s attention for a minute is a big deal – and for days, an even bigger days! But this feat is not impossible! This quest is very much achievable. 

Let us have a look at the most loved games of all the time!

Retro game Appetite

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