Spy On iPhone Without Installing Software

As a parent, you may have wondered, ‘how can I spy on my kid’s iPhone?’ Alternatively, you may be a husband looking for a method to spy on your wife’s iPhone. Whatever may be your reasons to do so, there is no doubt they are genuine, especially with the rapidly increasing crime rates in the virtual world. 

However, there is a chance that you may not have gone through it due to the wrong assumption that spying on an iPhone is not possible. Or you may have wanted to do so without installing any software. Whenever it comes to spying on an iPhone, there is always a limitation of not being able to install any third-party app on it, leave alone doing so remotely.

Do you want to spy on iPhone without installing software? In this post today, we will find how do you do this without having the target device anywhere near you. Let us get started.

Is It A Possibility to Spy On iPhone Without Installing Software?

We all know there is no way someone will hand over their phone to you. In such a case, the only solution seems like spying on iPhone without needing physical access to it. However, is it really possible?

As hard as it may seem, there is a simple solution that will resolve your issue of how to spy on any iPhone without installing software. It is – A cellphone spy app. When you get the best cell phone monitoring software, you will not only be able to spy on iPhone without installing software but also monitor the target person from any part of the world. 

Is Jailbreak Needed to Spy On iPhone Without Installing Software?

Jailbreaking is literally dead Now! While it is a legal process, nobody would want to go through it to monitor their loved ones. So, it is not needed to spy on iPhone without installing software if you manage to find the best iPhone spy app for it.

Further, the process of jailbreaking reduces the security of the iPhone that was there to protect it from spam, malicious apps, and virus attacks. Also, it is impossible to upgrade to the latest iOS after you go through with the process. So, it is a wise idea to look for a spy app that lets you spy on iPhone without Jailbreak.

Most Spy Apps Still Require A Lot to Work!

Cell phone spy apps are an absolute necessity in the modern era. These have been in the limelight for quite a few years now owing to all the good they could do when used rightfully. However, not every iPhone spy app available out there is worth your time. Some obsolete spy apps still need you to jailbreak the target iPhone, and some are pretty much dead even if they let you spy on iPhone without installing software.

iPhone Spy Apps That You Should Not Buy

Imagine investing in the wrong iPhone spy software. Dreadful, right? You will not only end up wasting a lot of your money but also not be able to track a single thing on the target phone.

Therefore, you must always do your research before you settle on a spy app and hit the “Buy Now” button. Also, refrain from buying these iPhone spy apps:

  • That do not offer a no-installation and no-jailbreak solution for iPhone
  • The spy apps that are not compatible with the target phone
  • iPhone spy apps that do not have a strong online presence
  • The application that does not offer an effective customer support service
  • That does not meet all your monitoring needs – be it sensitive information alert or social media monitoring.

Instead, look for an application that offers all this and is super-safe, easy, and reliable to use. Also, it must operate in a 100% hidden mode. An excellent example of this is the Spymaster Pro app. It is compatible with all Android and iOS versions. You can also use it to spy on iOS 14 and Android 11 without Jailbreak and root.

How Can You Spy On iPhone Without Installing Software?

The iOS operating system, despite its exclusivity, has a loophole that enables users to spy on iPhone without installing software. But how is this possible? If not the physical access to the iPhone, how can you get the software to monitor everything on your spouse’s or kids’ phone? This can be done using the iCloud credentials of their phone. In case you do not have access to these, you will have to get them as this is the only way to spy on iPhone without installing software.

Spying on an iPhone With Apple ID and Password

All thanks to the growing cell phone spy technology, spying on an iPhone is one of the easiest ways out there right now. Here is how to do this using the iCloud credentials:

  • First of all, find the best cell phone monitoring software and create an account with it.
  • Then, get their iPhone spy subscription package that meets all your monitoring needs and suits your budget.
  • After this, log in to your spy account on the device you will be using to spy on your iPhone without installing software.
  • Then, fill in the iCloud credentials (Apple ID and Password) of the target user’s iPhone.
  • After verifying with their system, you will get access to their dashboard, and you should be able to see the iPhone’s entire activity here.


Always remember that in order to spy on iPhone without installing software, you need to get an iPhone spy app that offers a no-installation and no jailbreak solution. Therefore, make the right choice for selecting your cell phone monitoring software. You can go through the spy app reviews before settling on it. Also, make a note of the features that come with it. They must not be limited to the basic attributes like SMS tracking and call logs tracking. Also, you may need one-time access to the target iPhone to get the iCloud credentials.

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