My Mom Wore These 9 Trends in the ’80s, and Now I Do Too

My mom and her friend wearing Laura Ashley dresses to a wedding in 1984.

Not too long ago, Urban Outfitters came out with its collaboration with iconic ’80s brand Laura Ashley. I’ll be completely honest, it wasn’t until I showed the pieces to my mom and aunt that I realized just how iconic the brand was—especially to my mom and her stylish group of friends. Immediately my mom showed me the photo above of her and one of her best friends wearing Laura Ashley dresses to a wedding in 1984. How did I respond? By looking up Laura Ashley dresses on Etsy and ordering one for myself, of course. 

The runways are always nodding to the festive time that was the ’80s, and if the return of the decade is anything like the ’90s have been, the resurgence of trends from this time are only just starting to gain steam. While the runways are definitely a place I get forward-thinking inspiration from, I decided when it came to the ’80s fashion trend, I was going to go back to the queen of fashion during her time—my mother. She and my aunt were called “the Vogue sisters” back in high school, so I guess I have to give them a little credit. 

Okay, so this isn’t a prairie dress, but it’s a photo that needs to be seen.

“Another trend I really loved. These dresses of the ’80s were what we wore when we dressed up for any special event. They were feminine, pretty, and flattering. They made your waist look small too.”

“So scrunchies were the other accessory of the ’80s that you could match to your outfit. I had them in every color, because you had to. We needed them to put our big permed hair into a thick ponytail. We  would wear them on our wrists too for the impromptu hairstyle change, and we could do that because they, of course, matched our outfit.”

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