Quelle Surprise! Netflix’s Emily in Paris Was Just Renewed for a Second Season

Zut alors! Have you heard? Everyone’s favorite binge-series, Emily in Paris, was just renewed by Netflix for a second season—with a press release from Savoir making it official.

Apparently, the impossible-to-impress luxury PR pro, Sylvie Grateau, shares the popular sentiment: We simply cannot go on with—or without—our favorite American plouc, Emily Cooper. 

Helmed by costume designer Patricia Field, the Emily we know and love paraded through Paris in outfits that were often hit or miss, with very little in between. While only time will tell if Emily (played by the recently engaged Lily Collins) actually attempts to learn French, it’s not too soon to take bets on what zany fashion moments lay ahead. 

So whether you’re an uber-fan of bucket hats or prefer the classic beret style, let’s take a stroll down memory lane at the many fashion moments in season one that made us say “merde!” in the best possible way. 

Is this picnic appropriate? For sure. This is actually one of the more sensible looks for both Emily and Mindy, played by the phenomenal Ashley Park. 

Well, that’s one way to mix prints! Go big or go home to Chicago, right Emily? 

Let’s not go overboard—a neutral bag is a must.

How do you say “selfie” en français? 

If you didn’t drink champagne in front of the Eiffel Tower, then did you really even go to Paris?  Pro tip: Professional use of images of the Eiffel Tower is actually very pricy, so this is probably a green screen. Merde! 

Notice how everyone else is in neutrals? Looks like Emily missed the memo, but TBH, this is actually a fire ‘fit from our American POV.

J’adore Camille. 

It’s a plaid, plaid, plaid world. 

Camille and Emily’s boots are speaking the same language: love.

Je m’appelle Emily. J’adore bucket hats. Et tu?

In the words of Darren Starr’s ’00s ingénue, Carrie Bradshaw, I couldn’t help but wonder… How many coats does one really need in Paris? An entire suitcase, perhaps?

Head to toe black? Check. Picturesque sidewalk cafe? Check. Basket of croissants? Check! Emily is finally fitting into her new surroundings. 

Say what you will about Emily’s sense of style, but when it comes to evening attire, Lily Collins always brings her A-game. We could see the star wearing this look IRL. 

True or false: Sylvie is by far the best-dressed character in the entire show.

Merde, another bucket hat.

We’re calling this look “colorful cottagecore.”

Another merde moment—not because of the dress, though.

It seems like Emily is taking a few cues from Sylive’s effortlessly chic style but still has much to learn. Maybe pageboy caps will be Emily’s thing in season two?

Yep, we’re calling it: Pageboy caps are definitely the it-hat for season two. Voilà!

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