Stay Connected with Work from Home – Tips 

Whether you’ve been told to work from home for the next few weeks or indefinitely, if you’ve had to make the shift from office to living room in the past few months, you might be loving it. Even if you’re having the best working experience of your life, you will likely be facing some problems staying connected, whether you’ve found that you now have to run a remote team or you’ve realized you have a lot to learn from home. 

Remote relationships are difficult — of course, they are — it’s an unnatural abstraction from reality, but they’re not at all impossible. Here are some ways that people have been dealing with staying connected when working from home. 

Have a Fika with Colleagues

A fika is a Swedish type of coffee break; it’s all about slowing down and contemplating or enjoying a few minutes with friends. It’s much more focused on clearing the mind than a traditional coffee break, and studies have found that taking that time away from work is actually very good for your office culture. Why not try to get a fika going with your colleagues or those working in your remote team, so you can connect on a more human level and take a break from thinking about specific problems. 

Get a Modern Intranet Solution

Remote communications have a lot of technological support. With video calls, instant messaging, productivity suites, there are a lot of different tools at your disposal. However, they are not fully representative of the office because they are typically more designed for one-way communication (i.e. instructions). 

There’s no remote equivalent of hanging around a water cooler and connecting with your employees and colleagues – or is there? Simpplr is a modern intranet solution that is designed to keep employees in touch with other departments, with each other, and the broader organization, solidifying company culture and helping to keep people connected when they work from home. 

Encourage Group Chats and Memes

If you’re a team leader, you want to encourage your remote team to be as connected as possible. If they are getting on well with each other and are on the same page about everything, they will be a far more formidable workforce. That’s where the importance of encouraging (even non-work-related) group communication comes in. Memes are especially handy for this because they help to bond people to the same ideas, as well as being an excellent indicator of company culture.

Company Contests/Challenges

It can be a great idea to get some sort of challenge or contest going. Whether that’s informal — if you’re not in a management position (maybe some friendly competitiveness with colleagues), or a manager-led formal contest — having that inter-personal challenge can help to solidify bonds and encourage employees to feel like they’re close to work, wherever they are. 

Try to make it so people need to check in with each other to evaluate their progress, score, or performance, as this will make the contest collaborative rather than isolative.  

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