How Is React.JS Beneficial?

The web development that we see in front-end today is constantly changing and evolving. These changes don’t come in years, but much quicker and can be noticed almost every day. There are certain tools though that have not just gained popularity but seem to revolutionize the app developments and workflow while there are others that are not just used anymore. 

React.js is one such tool that was launched in 2013 had been able to become the favorite of a lot of web development companies. Some of the world’s biggest companies like Netflix, Facebook, Apple, and PayPal has been using it. Apart from that more than 30 thousand websites have been built with the use of React.js framework and the number keeps growing each day.


Here are some important benefits of React that can help you:

1. React Provides The Ease Of Learning And Usage:

A lot of time can go into learning new technology. But one of the advantages of React is that you can learn and utilize it easily. There are so many tutorials and documentation that come with it. Anybody having a background in JavaScript will be able to learn and work with it quickly. 

2. React Templates Can Facilitate The Procedure Of Component Writing Overall:

Another choice for syntax extension is JSX and can help in making your work easier. All of the HTML quoting is accepted here and that makes the rendering of subcomponents easier. This is the set of shortcuts so that you can write React by using lesser rules. This can make the source simple and cleaner. React templates also offers the React developers with a lot of data warning and messages for errors that eventually can help in preventing code injections also. 

3. There Is Guarantee For Code Stability:

For making sure that small changes that need to be made don’t affect the entire framework, React makes use of the downward flow of data only. So when a developer tries to change an object or make a modification of the state just that specific component gets updated. This is a data binding structure that offers code stability and constant app performance. 

4. React is also SEO friendly:

One of the biggest benefits of React is the ability it provides for dealing with some failures related to a popular search engine for being able to read the apps based on JavaScript. React can easily run over severs, depiction, and returning of DOM on the browsers just similar to regular webpages. 

There are some changes that we have seen taking place on Google, but one also needs to keep in mind that there are other platforms as well. These other search engines include Bing, Yahoo or Baidu and one has to remember about the varied web cases in microformats like Twitter cards and Open graph and Slack, Facebook and Twitter will not be executing JS as they mainly work on SSR. 

Final Thoughts:

When we consider the benefits of React one can conclude easily that it’s responsive, advanced, and non-risky. The factors that we mentioned above when combining it provides the big companies as well as startups a reasonable choice. 

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